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5 Things You Should Know About Online Gambling

Online gambling can be very confusing for anyone who does not have experience. With so much choice out there, how do you know where to start? What makes some games more appealing than others? Should you play slots or table games? And if you pick slots, which one should you go for? There are a lot of questions that will be going through your mind.

Luckily, we are here to help. We are online gambling experts and will guide you through it all. So if you are worried about the legality of online gambling, don’t be. If you think online casino games are rigged, we can fill you in. Everything you need to know is right here. So let’s not waste any more time. Let’s crack on with five things you need to know about online gambling.

Online Gambling Isn’t Legal Everywhere

The first place to start is with the law. Online gambling is not legal everywhere. Depending on where you live in the world, you may be breaking the law by gambling online. And not knowing the relevant rules and regulations is not an excuse. It is up to you to know the law.

Legal Gambling

Luckily, it is almost unheard of for people to be prosecuted for online gambling. It is mostly accepted that people gamble online and the law authorities simply turn a blind eye. But you should still take care to stay on the right side of the law. Online gambling is fully legal in the United Kingdom, for example. But if you are in the United States, it is more complicated.

Only four states in America have currently legalised online gambling. These are as follows: New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Nevada, of course, is a gambling mecca. Las Vegas is probably the capital of the world for gambling. So it is no surprise that Nevada has set the way forward for legalising online gambling in the United States. Laws are likely to be relaxed in the future, but at the moment is not clear when this will happen. So if you want to gamble online in the United States, you need to be in New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Delaware.

Online Casino Bonuses Aren’t as Good as You May Think

For anyone new to online gambling, the choice can be very confusing. There are countless online casino sites out there on the internet. All of them are competing for your custom. So how do they do this? Through the use of casino bonuses and promotions. All of the major online casino sites will have a range of sign-up offers designed to tempt people to join up with them.

Casino BonusBut are these bonuses really as good as they seem? Mostly, online casino sites will offer some sort of deposit bonus scheme. For instance, if you deposit 50 of your chosen currency into a new account, the site may agree to double it. This gives you a total of 100 to play with. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this is because it is. That extra 50 is not just yours to do whatever you want with. There will be a strict set of terms and conditions you have to follow.

Among the common ways, online casino sites rig the system in their favour is through what they call a ‘rollover’. This means that to get that extra 50, you have to bet it a certain number of times. Obviously, the online casino site is not just going to give you money for nothing. So the idea is you spend the bonus funds without winning and are then tempted to spend more of your own cash. While it is possible to win with the bonus money, rolling it over the necessary number of times, this is hard to do. Often, new customers will find their accounts empty again very soon.

Whenever you sign up to a new online casino site, check the terms and conditions closely. A rollover of 5x or even 10x is not too bad. But if the rollover figure is 100x or maybe, even more, this should be acting as a red flag in your head. How are you going to win on those terms? The casino site is always going to stack the odds in their favour, so keep your wits about you.

Most Online Casino Games Aren’t Rigged

However, contrary to popular belief, the majority of online casino games are not rigged. Most slots work on a random number generator. This means that you should have the same chance of winning with your first spin as with your 100th spin. It may not feel that way at times, but this is how they are designed to work. Online slots also have a figure that denotes their average return. This is usually going to be in the region of 95 percent, with the rest going to the house.

You, therefore, know that if a slot is paying less than 95 percent back to customers, it is a bad deal. Some slots are even around the 90 percent mark, which makes it very hard to win. Anything over 98 percent is very generous and the slot will certainly be worth playing.

Away from slots, games like poker and blackjack can feel rigged when you are losing. As there is no physical dealer, it is hard to be assured the cards coming out are not predetermined. But the online casino industry is closely regulated. All these sites have to abide by strict rules. They cannot be rigging their most popular games or they would soon be shut down.

You Can’t Count Cards in Online Blackjack

Play Blackjack OnlineCheating works both ways, of course. While some people make a lot of money from tricks in physical casinos, these will not work online playing games like blackjack. Counting cards are not possible, as an example. Those playing a live casino are still going to struggle to keep track. A bet on a gambling site is always going to be a risk and you just have to take the cards you get.

Online blackjack is one of the most popular games to play on a casino site. It offers the same kind of rush as playing in a physical casino. Winnings can pile up quickly if you get on a good run. But the same is true for losing streaks too. When you are losing a game like online blackjack, do not be afraid to walk away. Chasing big losses is very rarely a good idea. And just like in any sort of gambling, never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Over 70% of Industry Profits Come From Online Slot Machines

The fifth rule we are going to tell you about is regarding slots. These online machines are a literal goldmine for online casino operators. Studies show that around 70 percent of the industry’s profits come from online slot games. So use this knowledge when you pick games.

Blackjack has an element of skill about it, as does poker. So while there is luck involved, your chances of winning are affected by your decisions. This cannot be said of slots. It is effectively totally random whether you win or lose. They may be choice involved when it comes to feature elements on online gambling sites, but slots, in general, are very hard to win on.

Online slot machines

Some people, of course, will have more luck than others on slots. Gambling on slots is therefore not always a bad idea. But just keep in mind that the casino operators make huge profits here. So even if the possible amount you can win is absolutely massive, compare that to the amount of money being made out of the customers. Stick to slots with a high return to player rate.