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How to Bet on Live Cricket Games?

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How to Bet on Live Cricket Games?


Cricket betting may not be the most popular sport to gamble on, but there is a huge audience of people out there who love to place bets while watching the game.

There are large parts of the world that do not really play cricket. But the sport still has a massive global fanbase with millions of people in countries such as India gripped to it.

With three different forms of the game, there is a lot of choices when it comes to betting on cricket. Test cricket is the most traditional of the types of a cricket match. These games last for five days. Sometimes they still end in a draw, which is baffling to those who do not love the sport. One-day internationals see teams bat for 50 overs each, with the World Cup the pinnacle. And in the last few years, Twenty20 cricket has exploded on to the scene. A shorter version of a one-day match, teams bat for 20 overs each, as is obvious from the name.

Cricket Betting

Due to the there being three different forms, and the fact cricket is played across the globe, it means there is virtually always a game on. Which means there is always a game to bet on. Whether it is in Australia, Bangladesh, England or West Indies, there will be cricket somewhere.

But for those who are brand new to the sport, how do you go about betting on cricket? The basics are much the same as when you bet on any other game. You can bet on which team wins a cricket match or a tournament, for example. But one of the best things about betting on cricket is the match suits in-play wagers extremely well. Regular breaks mean there are chances to place a bet. And those who can predict what will happen next can make a fortune.

Our guide to betting on cricket will tell you everything you need to know to get started. If you want to have an online bet on cricket, we can help. So let’s not waste any more time. On we go!

Choosing an Online Betting Site That Gives Good Odds

There are a few key rules when it comes to betting on any sport. And cricket is certainly no different! The first golden rule is to find the best odds. You cannot hope to beat the bookies if you are taking poor odds. But how do you make sure you are betting on a good price? Comparing odds across a number of bookies is a good way to check prices are realistic. While bookies will usually have similar odds, there are sometimes larger differences than you expect.

Best betting site

To take full advantage, open accounts with all of the major bookies. This will also allow you to make the most of their offers. All bookmakers have promotions to entice you to bet on a sport with them rather than with a rival. So every time you sign up to get an account, use their promotion. This is usually in the form of free bets, which you can convert into cash if you use them right.

Some bookies are famous for having better odds than others. And the reverse is true as well. Some bookies always seem to have worse prices than those on offer everywhere else. After you have spent some time betting, you will soon start to work out which bookies are in which category. Some bookies specialise in a particular sport. So a betting firm may focus on football and set their odds to be particularly appealing for that game. Others may decide to make American sports their focus. So to get great odds, look for a bookie that takes pride in cricket betting. They may have regular cricket betting promotions running, for example.

How to Bet

Once you have worked out the bookie you want to use, you are ready to place a bet. Betting is easy at its heart. All you need to do is predict what will happen in your chosen cricket match. Obviously, it is not quite that easy though! If it was, everyone would be doing it.

How to place a betWhen you have made your selection, here’s how to place a bet. Click on the option you want to back, then select your stake. It makes sense to bet more on wagers you are more confident will win. But always gamble responsibly. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

After entering your stake, take a moment to check you are placing the right bet. It is easy to click the wrong thing if you are not paying full attention. Bookies will often ask you to confirm the bet, which is your cue to give it another look. Once you’re confident you have bet on the right thing, click confirm and your bet will be placed. It is that simple. Bookies today have mobile apps to make it even easier. You should be able to place a bet in a matter of seconds. This will matter a lot when you come to bet in play. You do not want to miss your chance to get your wager on.

How Betting Odds Work

Those who are brand new to betting on sports may need some information on odds. Betting odds can be tough to work out if you do not have a lot of experience with gambling. Especially as they can be presented in a couple of different ways.

Fraction odds are the traditional way odds are displayed on bookmaker websites. For example, 2/1 would be a typical price on offer. You might want to back England to beat Australia in a betting market at odds of 2/1, as an example. Australia would probably be favourites and a lot shorter in the odds, but it depends on a variety of factors such as the format, form and injuries.

Live cricket betting requires a solid understanding of odds and how they work. While experts may know all this already, it is worth covering for the beginners. Let’s stick with 2/1 as an example. This means you have to stake £1 or whatever your chosen currency is to win £2. A £10 winning wager at odds of 2/1 would, therefore, return £30 in total – £20 profit, plus £10 stake.

As well as fractional odds, bookmakers often now display their odds in a decimal format. For some people, this is an easier way to compare prices, especially across bookies. An example of a decimal price would be 3.0, which equates to the same as 2/1. Decimal odds are easy to work out. If the price is 3.0, this means you’ll receive £3 back in total for every £1 you opt to place.

It does not really matter which way you choose to see odds. Bookmaker websites will usually allow you to change between fractions and decimals easily enough. Play around with them and see what works for you. Some people prefer fractions. Others like to use decimals.

Decimal odds can sometimes be more useful when betting live on cricket. But really it makes little difference. As long as you are comfortable with the format, pick whichever you like. The important thing is you can work out two things. Firstly, what you stand to win the bet. And secondly, whether or not the odds on offer are actually good value.

Anyone wondering how to bet on live cricket games – there you go! All the best with your bets.