December 12, 2017

3 Strategies to Always Win on Virtual Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular types of online casino games. Online roulette is a great pick for those who are inexperienced with gambling online. But it is useful for those of a more advanced level too. Lots of roulette players swear by having a strategy to guarantee wins.

While gambling is always going to involve a level of risk, strategies can help to minimise risk. Everyone wants to give themselves the best chance of winning, after all. And this is exactly what a roulette strategy can do. How do you know which roulette strategy to use, though?

Well, this is where we come in! This guide will cover everything you need to know about roulette strategies. We will be looking at three of the most popular roulette strategies used when gambling on online casino games. First up, let’s take a look at the Martingale betting strategy.

The Martingale strategy

Gambling aficionados may already be well aware of the Martingale strategy. This is a system often used in sports gambling as well. But what exactly is the Martingale strategy? And how does it work? The Martingale strategy involves doubling your stake every time you lose a bet.

So let’s say for example you are playing roulette and betting on red. Your chosen stake may begin at 10 of your chosen currency. If you win, you continue to bet 10 on red. If you lose, you double the stake to 20 and bet on red again. Another loss would see you increase the stake to 40. This continues in the same pattern, so the sequence would go to 80, then 160, then 320.

Stakes can rise very quickly using the Martingale strategy. But the law of averages says that you will always win eventually, recouping any of the money you lost in previous wagers. The only problem here is that you need an unlimited bankroll to be able to pull this off. Some online casinos also have a maximum level of staking on roulette. This can affect your ability to use the Martingale system on online roulette. Therefore, always check out these details before you bet.

In addition to the standard Martingale system, a lot of gamblers use the reverse Martingale strategy when playing roulette. This system has a similar level of risk to the standard system. But the difference here is you double your stake when you win. A losing bet means you stay at the same stake. Obviously, with both strategies you have to time walking away properly.

The Paroli roulette betting system

One of the most popular betting systems for roulette is the Paroli strategy. This system again works in the opposite way to the standard Martingale system. This is because you only ever increase your stake after you have had a winning bet at the roulette table. So if you start with 5 as your chosen stake, this bet stays the same until you have a win.

When you first win a bet using the Paroli roulette betting system, this is when you double your stake. So if you were using 5 as your starting stake, you would move this up to a stake of 10. Gamblers will usually stick to betting on red or black when using the Paroli betting system.

It is up to you how many progressions to go for when using this system. Obviously, it is inevitable that you will lose at some point. So this means you need to get out at the right time. It is usually recommended to go no further than three or four progressions. This should ensure you can regularly take out a decent amount of profit, while reducing your potential total losses.

The Labouchere betting strategy

Perhaps the most famous roulette betting system is the Labouchere betting strategy. But how does the Labouchere betting strategy work? And how should you use it at the roulette table? Well, Labouchere betting strategy is another type of progression system. It takes its name from Henry Labouchere, an aristocrat who was a keen roulette player in the 19th century. The fact the system is still being used around 150 years later is a sign that people trust in its success.

There are also a few different names for the Labouchere betting strategy. These include split Martingale, American cancellation and the cancellation system. There are a few others too. Starting the Labouchere betting strategy means writing down a sequence of numbers.

The idea is that you bet the combined tally of the first and the last number in your chosen sequence. So if your chosen sequence is 1, 2, 3 then you will bet 4. When you have a winning bet, erase the two numbers you used from the sequence. If you lose, you then add the 4 to the end of the sequence to make it read 1, 2, 3, 4, which would mean your stake goes up to 5.

When betting on roulette by using the Labouchere betting strategy it is recommended to stick with your roulette selection. So if you are betting on red, stay with it and do not switch to black.

No roulette betting system is ever able to guarantee profits, but the above three strategies are well worth trying out. Many people have had a lot of success by using either the Labouchere system, the Martingale strategy or the Paroli system. Test them out for yourselves!