Backgammon Online

One of the oldest board games ever, there is evidence to suggest that a form of Backgammon existed in 3000 BC Persia. The artefacts from excavations at Shahr-e-Sukhteh (“The Burnt City”) in Iran include two dice and 60 checkers, comprising a set believed to be 100 to 200 years older than the Royal Game of Ur. On the board found there, the fields are fashioned by the coils of a snake.

How to play Backgammon

This historical two-player game requires a shrewd sense of strategy and clever forward thinking, combined with an element of good fortune, the presence of the latter being dictated by the roll of the dice. Although, while luck can have it’s part in individual rounds, the better player will normally come to the fore over a prolonged series of games.

Each player is handed fifteen pieces or checkers which move between 24 triangles or points, according to the roll of two dice. The aim of the game is be first to bear off, which means move all 15 checkers off the board.

With each roll of the dice, contestants need to choose from various options for moving their checkers (pieces) and anticipate potential counter-moves that the opponent may see fit to employ. The use of a doubling cube, which is optional, grants players the chance to raise the stakes during proceedings.

Those who like to play through their devices can play backgammon online with friends or against others on the internet via backgammon live online. Rookies may prefer to test the water first by playing free online backgammon, while professionals can play online backgammon for money.

Backgammon Online

The best online backgammon sites will match players with similar skill levels to make the experience enjoyable for those new to the industry. This game has a rich history and there has never been a better time to play backgammon online.