Camel Racing Betting

Primarily popular in western Asia, Mongolia and Australia, live camel racing is an up and coming event for tourist attraction. Camels are not externally known for their speed but they are able to reach 65 kilometres per hour in short sprints, or cover as many as 40 k/m in one hour.

Plenty of people are currently betting on camel racing, a sport that has an annual festival, which is called the Camel Cup. That competition, now held at Blatherskite Park in the town Alice Springs, Northern Territory of Australia, has been going since 1970, when it started in the dry bed of Todd River.

Australia’s camel race with the biggest prize money is "The Boulia desert Sands", which sees the winner earn $25,000 in alternating parts of Queensland, the country’s second largest state.

Children are often favoured as jockeys due to their light weight, which allows the camels more comfort and the ability to go at the fastest speed possible.

Camel racing odds aren’t yet commonplace on mainstream betting sites in the western world, but online camel betting can be done.

Camel racing betting tips are available, although there is now more unpredictability about making selections. Before money was invested into the sport, the tracks available were of lower quality and thus affected hugely by the weather. Therefore, the most likely winning camel was the one most suited to the environment and punters were more confident in making their picks on camel racing betting sites.

Now that the sport has a bigger budget, the increased use of all-weather tracks has made races harder to call, because the terrain gives no individual camel a specific advantage, thus creating a level playing field. On the other hand, this means that the odds available are wider and the rewards for a successful punt on camel racing are greater than ever before.