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November 17, 2017

Making Profitable Bets on Tennis Matches

Roger Federer jumping and making a nice shot

Tennis remains one of the most popular sports to bet on. From games involving elite players to young starlets, there is always lots to choose from. Interest in tennis bets naturally intensifies around the sport’s four major tournaments. These are the Australian Open at the start of the year, the French Open and Wimbledon in the summer, and US Open at the end of the season.

But tennis is a sport played virtually all year round now. There is only a short break around December before the players return to the court for the new season. This means there is always loads of matches to choose from when placing bets on tennis matches. And the choice is always a good thing when it comes to gambling.

But for those new to tennis betting, what do you need to know? Our tennis bets guide will cover all you need to know to start started. Looking for information on tennis betting market? Or struggling to work out how to research your tennis bets? Maybe you want to know more about the top players. You’re in the right place, so let’s get cracking!

Know the Tennis Betting Markets!

The arrival of the internet has led to an explosion in online betting options. And this is certainly the case for tennis, as well as sports such as football. Previously you might only be able to pick from a few bets aside from obvious markets such as a match or tournament winner. But now it is all change. Live in-play tennis betting means you can bet game by game during a match too. You can even cash out your profits before the end of a match with the majority of bookies now.

Tennis BettingOne of the options available is to bet on the winner of each set. So if you think one player is going to win a match by two sets to one, you can not just pick the score. You can decide which player you think will win each set of the match as well. Another common option for tennis bets in the 21st century is to bet on the total number of games or sets in the match.

Furthermore, gamblers can even use a handicap system to even out what is expected to be a one-sided match. Think Andy Murray will win easily? Check out the handicap markets for his match to find more value. Or if you think a top player will be pushed hard by the underdog, you can use the handicap system to your advantage here as well. Handicaps are highly versatile. Try them out and see how you can make them work as part of your favoured strategy. You do not necessarily need a strategy though. A lot of professional punters manage just fine without.

Make Your Research!

tennis betting researchWhen betting on any type of sport, research is always going to be key. With no shortcuts to success in gambling, you must be prepared to put the work in. The good news is that data is incredibly easy to find on the internet these days. It does not take long at all to look at the form of a player. You can see whether they perform better on a particular surface, or in one country. For example, it is a fairly common knowledge that Roger Federer is even better indoors than outdoors. There are few players that can touch the veteran Swiss at an indoor tournament.

You can even check out the head to head record for just about any match. It is surprising to see how some of the top players struggle against others on the tour. But you need to do the research. Tournaments also provide a lot of relevant and useful information these days. This can help you to identify trends that previous winners of the event may fulfil. It may be that powerful baseline players thrive in a particular tournament. Others may suit a big serving player more.

Some bookies will even make this research easy to carry out. A lot of bookmaker websites have stats and data present alongside their markets for tennis bets. However, keep in mind that the bookies may be trying to steer you in a particular direction. Use the data they provide – that is what it is there for – but check out other sources as well before making your final decision.

While research can help you to pick out good value bets, remember there are no guarantees. Even if all the data available points to a certain bet, it might not come in. Part of the beauty of sport is how it is so unpredictable. Random results can easily happen and ruin your bets, no matter how long you spent on the research. These things happen. Don’t worry about them.

Know the Players!

Part of the required research when you bet on tennis is to know a lot about the players. Even casual fans know about the likes of Federer, Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Big names like this will usually be overwhelming favourites to win their matches. It is therefore usually easier to find good value by looking elsewhere at the options on offer with bookies.

Tennis players

Some gamblers with a tennis betting strategy prefer to keep their focus away from the major events. These are inevitably won by the best players at short odds, so it is hard to win a lot of money. There are less predictable results in the challenger and future tour matches, however. Involving young players who are harder to predict, knowing a lot about this level can be fruitful.

It also helps when starlets start to break through on to the senior tour. While Alex Zverev seemed to come out of nowhere to claim big titles in 2017, this was not the case. Those who watched the lower levels of the game were already fully aware of the high talent of the German. Being one of the best players in an age group is no guarantee of future success, though. A lot of players tipped for greatness have struggled to turn major tournament wins as a junior into victories on the senior tour. It is not just a question of talent, but of their mentality as well.

The mentality is hard to measure and the statistics will not usually tell you much about a player’s mental strength. However, you can get a read of this simply by watching a lot of matches. You may get a sense of how someone feels when a player is winning against them. Some starlets are famous for ‘tanking’ – effectively giving up – when a match is going against them. The best young players, however, have a strong enough mentality to be able to fight back and win.

Tips on tennis betting are widely available on the internet. But while it does not hurt to read these, carry out your own research as well. Once a player has been tipped for a tournament, their odds will usually start to come down. This means you need to be a step ahead of the tipsters if you want to get a great price on a player to win a particular event.

November 17, 2017

Live Tennis Bets – Tips and Tricks

Grigor Dimitrov Celebrating Victory

We all know that tennis betting is massively popular around the world. And it can be hugely profitable as well. But an underrated section of tennis betting deserves more attention. This is live tennis bets. With matches taking place around the world throughout the year, there are vast opportunities for gamblers. The tennis season only takes a short break in December, so unlike most sports, the calendar runs for 11 months out of 12. This means plenty of cash can be made.

But what do you need to do to make the most out of living tennis betting? What if you have never placed live tennis bets before and do not know how to get started? This is where we come in. Our guide to living tennis betting covers everything you need to know to begin. Let’s get started!

Live Tennis Betting – The Bettors Gold Mine

Live tennis betting is nothing short of a gold mine. Once you know what you are doing, the cash should be rolling in faster than you can count it. There is one good reason why this is the case. While bookies have plenty of time to set their odds pre-match, once a game is underway they are fighting to keep up with the action. Although bookmakers employ massive teams of traders to manage their odds, this is a really big challenge. And if the bookies are struggling to set odds that suit them, this is an opportunity that can be exploited in tennis betting.

Tennis Betting

Although some tennis matches can go on for hours, they often turn on small periods of play in the match. This means fans who follow the sport closely can often spot these moments. And if you are quick enough, you can get live tennis bets on before the bookies have a chance to respond. Some players are known for giving up when a match starts to go against them. This is known in the sport as ‘tanking’. If you can spot when this is going to happen, there is a lot of money there to be made out of living tennis better.

Knowing the Markets is a Must!

Of course, to win in tennis betting you need to know about the markets. Bookmakers have basic options such as odds on a player to win a certain match or even a tournament. But those who are willing to go deeper can be rewarded with better value bets. This means more money in the long run, which is what we all want to achieve from our gambling.

Gambling marketsYou can bet on which player will win the first set, the score it will be, and even how many games a player wins over the course of the match. This can be advantageous, for example, if a player is known to be a fast starter in games but struggles over a longer period on the court. Handicap markets are another area where gamblers who know what they are doing can beat the bookies.

In tennis betting, handicap betting works in a similar way to as it does on a sport such as a football. Handicap markets focus on the number of games a player will win the match. So if you think the favourite in a match will win easily, you could back them at a handicap of -4.5, for example. Or if you think an underdog can push the favourite all the way, tennis bets on their handicap of +4.5 could prove to be very fruitful indeed.

Trick the Odds

Getting the best odds is a must no matter what you are betting on. But how do you find the best prices on offer? The obvious way to do this is to compare odds across bookmakers. This may not always be possible once a match is underway as tennis games are played so quickly. But there is really no excuse for failing to research the best odds before the start of a match. There can be a surprising amount of difference in the odds offered across various bookmakers. This is especially the case for low-profile matches that are not part of a well-known tournament.

For this reason, a lot of gamblers opt to bet on the challengers and futures tours for their tennis bets. These involve younger players who are trying to make their name in the game. While these matches can be a lot more unpredictable, this is good news for tennis fans who care deeply about the sport and can spot an up and coming talent. Often the bookmakers do not have a lot of insight into these matches, so a lot of good value odds can be up for grabs.

In addition, gamblers should make the most out of offers and promotions to ‘trick’ the odds. Bookies always have a range of sign-up offers on their website. Whenever you join a bookmaker, make sure you get one of these promotions on your new accounts. These can be used to make a lot of cash out of free bets. Furthermore, bookies often run regular promotions throughout the tennis season. Keep a close eye on these and exploit them as best as you can.

Focus on the ‘Winners’

Betting winnerTennis, like all sports, can be unpredictable to a certain degree. But at the top of the game, a few well-known faces tend to dominate. It is very rare that one of the four majors is won by a player not ranked among the elite. As such, gamblers should focus mainly on these players for the biggest events. While young players may make an impact on the tour, the days when unknowns win majors as teenagers appear to be gone for good.

The best-known players are usually offered at very short odds, however. This means that you may need to use markets such as the handicap in order to get some value from backing them.

Some players are also known for choking on a big stage. It is best to avoid these names as they will let you down when it counts more often than not. But proven winners, those who win big tournaments time and time again, will usually be in the mix to win the majors each year. They may not be offered at the best prices, but they are your best chance of winning these events.

The First Set is Important

It might sound obvious, but how a match starts is crucial for tennis bets. Data shows in the vast majority of ties, the player who wins the first set goes on to win the match. While this stands to reason in a three-set match, the same is true for the five-set format used in major tournaments.

Obviously in live tennis bets, a player who takes the first set will usually be made the favourite in the in-play odds. But this is not always the case. If it is the favourite who has fallen behind, they may still be the shorter price to win the match. What is for sure is that knowing the player who takes the first set usually wins the match is a trend we can follow.

However, there are exceptions. Some players are not great at leading from the front. They prefer to be trailing and chasing the game. They do not like the pressure of being in the lead. Once you are a set up you should win, and this affects certain players on the tour mentally.

It is clear that live tennis betting offers a wealth of opportunities for gambling. So pick your chosen match, settle in for the contest, and place your tennis bets!

November 17, 2017

How to Bet on Tennis and Win Big?

roger federer and andy murray

Betting on tennis is one of the most popular sports for gamblers. With so many matches being played, there is always something to bet on. The tennis season runs for 11 months of the year. This means the short off-season is the only time when matches are not ongoing. And the players work so hard you cannot deny them having December away from the court!

The tennis season is built around the four major tournaments that are held each year. These start with the Australian Open, which takes place in January. There is then a gap in the summer when the French Open is held on the clay courts of Roland Garros. Just a couple of weeks later, players head to London. Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament of them all. The last major tournament of the year is held at Flushing Meadows in New York – the US Open. Then, the best performing players face off at the ATP Finals to complete the year.

But away from the majors, there are plenty of events to bet on as well. Most weeks there will be multiple tournaments to pick from on the senior tour – involving both male and female players. In addition, the challenger and future tournaments offer further opportunities to place tennis bets. But what if you are new to betting on the sport? Well, you are in luck! This guide will cover everything you need to know about betting on tennis – so let’s crack on!

Types of Tennis Bets

As with most sports you can bet on, there are a number of types of a bet to understand. At its most basic level, tennis betting is very straightforward. You can bet on which player will win just about any match taking place anywhere in the world. And you can also pick out a player to win a tournament if you want to place a slightly long-term bet as well.

Tennis betting

But just like other sports available on bookmaker websites, the option is there to go deep. You can bet on the correct score, or whether a player will be able to win a set. You can bet on the number of games or number of sets it takes to complete a match. And there are handicap markets too. These work in just the same way as they do for other sports like football or rugby.

Your handicap bet on a tennis player will usually be on the number of games they win across the whole match compared to their opponent. So if your bet is Roger Federer -4.5, for example, he would have to win at least five more games than his opponent for the bet to be a winner.

Gamblers placing bets on tennis can also group matches into accumulators as you would in other sports, while live tennis bets are becoming increasingly popular as well. Odds can move slowly in live matches, especially those that are not of a high profile with big names involved. This can mean there are opportunities to make a lot of money out of living betting. All you need to do is to be on the ball.

Live Bets

So how does live betting work when it comes to gambling on tennis? It works in much the same way as any other sport! Technology means you can now bet while out and about or on the move. Bookmakers all have mobile websites to help you to place a bet in a matter of seconds. Many of them even have their own mobile app in a bid to make betting faster than ever before.

Live tennis bettingLive tennis bets have a number of different options aside from obvious wagers such as which player is going to win the match and go through to the next round. You can bet on who wins the next game. Or wagers on the player who will win the next set are popular as well. Bookies will also offer odds on the score of the next set. Check out the options on bookmaker websites. There are absolutely loads to pick from. Just be aware that you do not have to be an expert in every single market that is offered. Many people make a good living out of tennis bets by focusing only on a few markets. The bottom line is you are likely to be more successful in gambling by sticking to what you know. Try to specialise in a couple of markets you know well.

Among the benefits of betting on live tennis is the number of stats that are available. Bookies in this day and age will often present a selection of these alongside the odds they offer. These can be a very useful tool to help you to decide which tennis bets you want to place. However, be aware these are only a small snapshot of the match. More detailed stats are likely to be available elsewhere. Take a look at the ATP website for live statistics on men’s matches. For games involving female players, the WTA website should be your first port of call for this.

Tips and Tricks

A lot of people who like to gamble prefer to stick to a strategy. So it is not a surprise that there are a few different tennis betting strategies that people like to use. However, there is not necessarily any tangible advantage to having a strategy. Many people manage fine without. But it is still worth checking out the options available to see if any of them are right for you to use.

Tips and Tricks

Tennis betting tips are on offer all over the internet. As part of your research, it cannot hurt to spend some time reading what the experts are predicting for your chosen tournament. But be aware that even those with the best levels of knowledge often still get things wrong. Sport is unpredictable and surprising things happen all the time. Even odds-on favourites can lose.

Be wary also of tips on tennis betting that are presented on bookmaker websites. After all, it is not in the interest of the bookies for you to win. Feel free to listen to their advice, but do not necessarily follow it. Instead, do plenty of your own research. With so much data and a lot of statistics out there, there is no excuse for failing to be fully informed about a tournament.

One thing to keep in mind is that unknown player very rarely win the biggest events. The majors are typically dominated by the biggest names in the sport. And the same is true for the next tier of tournaments, the Masters series, which offers a high number of ranking points. So if a player is offered at high odds to win a tennis tournament, this is usually for a very good reason. Outsiders do sometimes come from nowhere to win, but this is increasingly rare. Even the best young players on the challengers and futures tours are now known through the game.

This guide should have covered everything you need to know to begin betting on tennis. Keep in mind a couple of the golden rules whenever you are betting on any type of sport. Always look for the best value. Do this by comparing odds and prices across a wide range of bookmakers. Also, try to take advantage of offers and promotions when you can. These are a great way to earn easy money out of gambling. And the final rule is an obvious one. Gambling should be a fun habit that helps you to win a lot of cash. If you are losing, it is fine to walk away. And never place more money on a bet that you can afford to lose, no matter how confident you are. Good luck!

November 16, 2017

Live Football Betting – How to Beat the Odds

Tony Martial scores again

Live football betting can be a great way to beat the bookies. And after all, that is what we are all after. The bookmakers have had the upper hand for too long now. It is time for us to fight back. The arrival of the internet has dragged gambling into the 21st century. New innovations such a streaming and betting in-play have changed the industry forever. And it is for the better.

Beating the betting Odds

By betting on a live game, you are making the match a lot more fun to watch. But not only that, you could be increasing your chance of being a winner in your football bets. Bookies have lots of time to prepare their odds before kick-off. As such, there is rarely many variations between the various different bookmakers available on the internet.

But this all changes when it comes to living football betting. Although bookies have huge teams of traders for this purpose, live betting can still catch them out sometimes. It can be a lot easier to find high-value bets when gambling on live soccer bets. But how do you know what you are looking at? Where do you get started? Our guide to living betting covers everything you need.

Know What You Are Betting On

It surely goes without saying that you need to know what you are betting on. Gambling in the 21st century can be complicated. There are new markets launching all the time. It can be hard to keep track of all the different odds on offer on bookmaker websites in this day and age.

BettingFor this reason, many of those who bet on football stick to certain markets. If you are willing to do deep research, this can be very profitable. Even a basic market for both teams to score can be a good choice here. Others find focusing on one particular competition is fruitful.

With hundreds of football matches taking place around the world daily, there is almost too much choice. You cannot hope to be an expert on everything. Picking a few leagues to focus on in detail may be a good way to start a serious football betting career.

Markets such as the Asian handicap have become more mainstream in recent years. Handicaps are a great option for when one team is a strong favourite in the betting. Asian handicaps have a slight twist but are easy to understand when you get your head around them.

The best thing to do is simply to take time to work out the various bets that are available. Even if the bookmaker website does not have an explanation, these will be easy enough to find on the internet in a similar guide to this one. From Goliaths to Yankees, Super Heinz to Trixies. There are an awful lot of different types of bet out there. But do not feel you have to do them all. Lots of people make plenty of cash from football bets that consist almost wholly of singles.

Understand the Odds

Odds are the centrepiece of betting on sports. Without a solid knowledge and understanding of odds, you cannot hope to get ahead of the bookies. Odds used to be presented as fractions all the time. But this has been steadily changing over the course of the last few years.

Bookie websites will now usually offer a choice of how to display the odds. Fractions may well still be the default choice. An example of a price displayed as a fraction would be 5/1. This means you have to stake 1 of your chosen currency to win a profit of 5 back. But increasingly, decimal odds are also being used across the industry.

Betting OddsA lot of people find that decimal odds are easier to work with. This can be especially true for live football bets. The prices change so quickly mid-game that decimals can be easy to track. But the purists tend to prefer the traditional way of calculating odds. As an example, the price of 5/1 mentioned above would be written as 6.0 as a decimal. Your returns stay the same, of course.

On most bookmaker websites these days, it is easy to switch between decimal and fraction. This means you can compare prices very easily with the click of a button. It is absolutely personal preference whether you opt to use decimal odds or fractions. At the end of the day, it should make little to no difference to your betting experience how the odds are displayed. The option will usually be placed towards the top of the page on a bookmaker website. Sometimes you may need to go into your account settings to switch between fraction and decimal odds.

Understand the Betting Terms

When betting on football, it is natural for there to be a certain amount of jargon. Bookies have a tendency to throw in these unfamiliar betting terms in the hope they catch newcomers out. Terms such as the favourite and the underdog will be known to anyone who places soccer bets.

But further into the gambling industry, there are a wealth of jargon terms that can be used. For example, do you know what the money line odds mean? This is often used in American sports. So if you do not just want to place football bets, you may need to know about the money line. This is a way of showing at a glance how much each side of a bet will pay out.

What about ante-post? While a lot of football bets are close to the match involved, others can be placed a long time in advance. For example, you can bet on who will win the next World Cup pretty much as soon as one tournament is over. This would be known as ante-post betting. In effect, it is the absolute opposite to live football bets.

There are lots of different types of bets to get to grips with too. An example of this is a Canadian, which can also be sometimes known as a Super Yankee. This extreme bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds plus an accumulator. But that is nothing compared to a Goliath. Can you guess what this is? A Goliath works out as 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefold, 28 sixfold, 8 sevenfold and an accumulator. That is a huge bet!

It is not just bet types and markets that can have confusing names. Bookmakers even do this with money. For example, £500 is known as a monkey in some gambling circles. Why is this? It is believed that the term dates all the way back to when soldiers were returning from India.

At that time in India, the 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. Soldiers took to calling this note a monkey. And when they returned back to Britain, the nickname for 500 had stuck. There are various other bookie nicknames for amounts too, for example, £25 is a pony.

Win rupee from betting

As you can see, there is a lot to understand about placing football bets! But at its heart, gambling is fairly simple. When placing soccer bets, you are simply predicting what will happen. A lot of the jargon and complex new markets can be ignored. Just pick your bet and move on!

November 16, 2017

How to Make Money From Football Bets?

Neymar celebration

Football betting is massively popular all over the world. Across the globe, people love to have a bet on the big match. Betting on football is a fun thing to do and people love it. But it is a serious business as well. Bookmakers tend to have a lot of money. This is not a coincidence at all.

But you can win big betting on matches like the Premier League too. There are a number of popular football betting systems people use to achieve this. Of course, there are no guarantees a system will work. If they all worked perfectly, everyone would use them! And the bookies would be a lot poorer than they are. But there is no doubt that systems can be beneficial.

Using systems is not for everyone, however. Some prefer to operate on instinct. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it works for you. But knowing what systems are out there and how they work is still important. Even if you do not think they are the right choice for you, knowledge of betting systems can always come in handy when you are betting on football.

This guide to how to make money from football bets will look at various betting systems. From long-term strategies that aim to achieve slow and steady gains, to short-term systems that target making large profits as soon as possible. We have it all covered right here. So read on for more!

Long-Term Betting Systems

Win from football betting

Using fixed wagers is probably the most popular of the long-term betting systems. You can probably work out what this involves! The fixed wager betting system means you use the same stake on every bet. This does not matter if you are placing a single on a strong favourite, or backing a 10-team accumulator. The stake always remains at the same amount for each bet.

This can be a good choice for cautious gamblers due to the fact that it is very hard to sustain heavy losses. As long as you choose a sensible stake level, your losses should be easy to control even if you have a bad run. And most users who try out the fixed wager betting system find it yields impressive results over the long term.

Perhaps there is one major downside to the fixed wager system, however. It can feel perverse to stake a relatively low amount of a bet you are sure is going to win. It can feel even stranger when you bet the same stake on more of a punt at the same time. But that is how the system works. And as soon as you start to deviate away from using the same stake, it is not a system.

More generally, gamblers usually make more money from football bets when they have a narrow focus. For example, they may only choose to bet on matches in the Premier League. Due to its high profile, there is a wealth of stats and data available. This is not the case for all leagues.

Short-Term Betting Systems

While the fixed wager system has its fans, it is not for everyone. Some gamblers would prefer to see faster results when they bet on football. This is totally understandable. After all, we are all placing soccer bets in the hope that we can get rich in the long run. So what are some of the more short-term betting systems that are out there?

Betting SystemsOne of the most popular short-term betting systems for football bets is named Martingale. In this betting system, you wager your entire bankroll on every bet you place. Obviously, this has the potential to make a lot of money in a very short period of time. But the disadvantage is clear too. As soon as you lose a bet, you will be out of cash. It is, therefore, a very high-risk strategy.

When embarking on the Martingale system for betting on football, it can be a good idea to have a target figure in mind. It can be easy to get too greedy chasing massive wins and end up with nothing. As such, if you start again whenever you reach your target figure, you could soon end up banking a lot of cash from using this short-term football betting system.

It can also be very scary to place a bet with a huge amount of money, which may put some people off. Even if you are backing strong favourites with the Martingale betting system, they do not always win. One of the joys of football is the possibility of a shock, unpredictable result. So even a sure-fire bet may prove to be a loser. You can just never tell exactly what will happen.

Risky Betting Systems

The Martingale betting system is one of the riskiest betting systems out there. But there are a few others available to choose from as well. One of the most popular is the Fibonacci system. This involved a set of numbers known as the Fibonacci scale, which works as follows. Each number is decided by adding together the two previous numbers. So the start of the series is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 – and so on. It is up to you what stake you start off with as the one.

Risk bettingThe main recommendation for the Fibonacci scale is to bet on draws when you place soccer bets. This is due to the fact that draws are typically seen as the hardest results for the bookies to place. There is, therefore, an angle that can be exploited by betting on football draws.

The idea behind the Fibonacci scale is you move your stake to the next number whenever you lose a bet. So if you start off with two wins and then a loss, you would move to the next number. It is easy to work out and the theory dates all the way back to 1989.

There are some obvious drawbacks to the Fibonacci betting system, however. Teams can go on very long runs without drawing a match. And if this does happen, losses can soon grow to be out of control. Like a lot of risky betting systems, the Fibonacci system can only guarantee a positive return with unlimited time and an unlimited budget. This is because eventually, no matter how many games there are without a draw, one draw will happen at some stage.

Even those who have a technically unlimited bankroll may not be able to make Fibonacci work. This is as bookmakers do not always like to take large bets, due to their level of risk involved. When using the Fibonacci system, you may find it difficult to place soccer bets with big stakes. And since this is the entire aim of the system, it is a massive disadvantage to the Fibonacci.

All betting systems have a list of pros and cons. The trick is to work out what the most important advantages and disadvantages are for your circumstances. If you do not mind being patient, then the fixed wager betting system could the right choice for you. But if you want to see fast results and potentially huge winnings, maybe give the Martingale betting system a test.

November 16, 2017

Football Betting Without Risk

ball in the goalkeepers net

Football betting is a popular pastime all over the world. Gambling on matches helps to make games more exciting. Plus you can win a lot of money! But, of course, with betting, you can always lose cash as well. So what if there was a way to bet on football without risk?

It goes without saying that there will always be a risk involved in betting. The beauty of sport is it is unpredictable. Even when a team is a massive favourite to win, there are never any guarantees. But there are certainly ways risk can be minimised for those who are gambling. No matter the match, you can increase your chances of winning. And who does not want the opportunity to beat the bookies?

Our guide to football betting without risk will help you to win cash. Follow our recommendations and you will soon be on your way. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert. There is always room to learn more about how to win football bets. So let’s not waste any more time!

How to Evaluate Risk When Betting on Football Matches?

The risk is always a factor when it comes to betting. It is one of the things that makes having a bet on football so exciting, after all. But ultimately, we are all here because we want to win money. And this is where the evaluating risk comes into the picture. Without knowing how to evaluate the risk level of a bet, you are immediately giving the upper hand to the bookmakers.

But how do you go about evaluating risk when betting? Perhaps the most obvious place to start is with the odds. If a team is a big outsider to win a match, they may be priced at odds of 10/1. In effect, this means that for every 10 matches played, they would win roughly one of them.

Football MatchesOf course, you also have to factor in that the bookies take a percentage as their margin too. The better bookies keep their margins low so their odds are attractive to bet on. But it is not unheard of for popular bookmakers to be taking a surprisingly large cut as their margin.

Sticking with the odds, comparing prices across bookmakers is a must. By doing this, you can ascertain whether or not a price is really fair. If a bookie is a lot shorter than rivals for a particular bet, you should steer clear. Taking a badly priced bet is only going to increase the level of risk.

Anyone with experience of betting on football will already have a working knowledge of risk evaluation. We usually do this without thinking too much. Assessing the form is a type of risk evaluation for a bet. So is checking out the team news, or reading the head to head record.

All of these things can help to build up a picture of the risk involved in a bet. And if you consider the price on offer to be a good one for the risk, then it is time to pick your stake. It goes without saying that a higher stake means there is a lot more risk riding on a bet. And any experienced gambler already knows you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Risky Strategies

Risk betting strategies

Betting on football regularly may lead punters to think they need a strategy. Some betting fans find a strategy to be useful. For others, it can act as a hindrance. It really depends on the individual. While it cannot hurt to try out a system, they usually work over a long period. Results gained via a betting system over a short trial may therefore not be particularly attractive.

Typically, the more selections added to a bet, the less likely it is to win. Multiple team accumulators are for amateur gamblers. The cherry of a possible big win is certainly appealing. But the fact is these bets are extremely hard to win. If everyone could win 10-team access all the time, bookies would soon go out of business. Keep this in mind when considering access.

Punters may also go for a bet where they are backing every team in a division such the Premier League to score. These are also very hard to land and are not recommended as a result. As a serious gambler, when you bet on football you need to be maximising your chances of winning. A bet that wins a small profit is always better than a losing bet that offered a huge return.

Some gamblers use a system where you stake your entire bankroll on each bet. Obviously, this can result in seriously impressive earnings very quickly. But the flip side is true as well. As soon as the bet loses, you will be out of money. And then it is very tempting to start chasing losses.

Another risky betting system is to double your stake after any failed bet. This is known as the Martingale betting strategy. Often used by those who are betting on football, it can work well. Many punters have been able to achieve big profits using the Martingale betting strategy. But others have found it is just another fast way to lose a lot of cash.

High-Value Strategies

Win money with betting strategy

Fixed wagers are a good starting strategy for those relatively new to football bets. This is exactly as it says. You place the same stake regardless of the bet you are placing. Losses are easy to control and the gains should be slow and steady. Those without a lot of patience may struggle to cope with the fixed wager betting system, however. You may opt to stake 10 of your chosen currency on each bet as part of this system. This means you are highly unlikely to suffer big losses. But those looking to get rich quick may need to go elsewhere.

Only taking value bets is a good high-value strategy to consider. This involves a lot of time checking out odds and comparing the prices across various bookmakers. This is not for everyone as it can be quite dull. However, the rewards are worth it. In an ideal world, every wager offered by a bookie would be a decent value. But this is simply not the case.

A lot of bookies are simply trying to attract casual punters who may know little about odds. These people do not really consider value when placing football bets. They may be blinded by a large potential return. In reality, slow and steady is often the right way to make money gambling.

As mentioned above, access is not typically a sensible way to bet on football. The sport is so unpredictable that even teams like Barcelona and Manchester United lose games they are expected to win easily. Instead, hunt out the best value and keep to singles. This may feel like turning down the chance to win big, but overall it should result in a good level of profit.

Live bets on football are another possible way to beat the bookies. When a match is underway, bookmakers have less time to calculate their odds. This means high-value opportunities sometimes present themselves in the middle of a game. For example, when a team brings their star player off the bench. This may give them a substantially higher chance of winning the game. But often the live soccer bets prices will take more time to factor this into the odds.

Obviously, risk can never be totally eliminated from football betting. The risk is one of the things that keeps us coming back for more. But follow our tips and you can reduce risk dramatically.

November 16, 2017

Can Football Betting be Profitable?

goalkeeper saves

Can football betting be profitable? Of course, it can! It is certainly profitable for the bookmakers. But there is no reason why you cannot make money out of betting on football as well. Regardless of your level of football knowledge, there is cash out there that can be won. You can use a strategy, or you can choose to go without. It is up to you which route you opt to take.

Our guide will cover everything you need to start making money out of football betting. Let’s face it. The bookmakers are rich enough already. They have had things their own way for far too long. The time is right to start turning the tables on the bookies – and that’s where we come in. This guide to making profits out of football betting will tell you everything you need to know.

Introduction to Online Football Betting

Online football betting may be a relatively new phenomenon, but there is no doubt that it is here to stay. Bookmakers may have been around for a long time, but the internet totally changed the industry. Suddenly, gambling was open to more people than ever before. And the increased competition between bookies online has, in general, been good for the punters as well.

Online Football BettingIn addition, there are more markets and bet types than ever before. Some of these can be hard to get your head around. For example, what is the Asian handicap? And how does it work? If you had gone into a bookies shop a decade ago and asked for this you would likely have been met with blank stares. But these days, Asian handicap markets are offered for all major football matches. Asian handicap is just another way of making a game with a strong favourite more interesting, by the way. It gives a team a head start or takes goals away from their opposition.

Online football betting has lots of top advantages. One of these simply speeds. No matter where you are, you can place a bet in a matter of seconds. As long as you are connected to the internet, betting online is incredibly easy. A lot of bookies these days even have their own mobile apps. This means you do not even need to go on to their website to place soccer bets.

Another plus point from the rise of online betting is the number of promotions and offers up for grabs. All bookies have to compete hard against each other in this day and age. This means a raft of attractive offers to entice people to sign up. These can be used to make a lot of cash. You will need accounts with all of the major bookies if you are to make major money out of gambling. And taking advantage of all the relevant sign-up offers is a great way to get up and running.

Bookmakers also offer regular promotions designed to keep punters coming back. The aim is to get people to bet with them – and them alone. But there are no rewards for being loyal to one bookie when betting on football. The best way is to constantly shop around for the best odds. More on why this is so important will come later on in this guide. But next – strategies.

Best Football Betting Strategies

Football betting strategies can be a good way to make money out of gambling. While no strategy can ever guarantee sure-fire success, there are a lot of options out there. Some aim for short-term profits, while others look to secure returns over a long period of time. This means it is up to football fans to decide which route they would like to go down.

Football betting system

One of the most popular football betting strategies involves fixed wagers. This means that you use the same stake no matter what you bet on. The big benefit of this is losses can be easily controlled. As stakes do not change, it is easy to keep track of what is being spent. However, while most people who use fixed wager betting systems see good returns, this can take a while. And it can feel strange to place the same stake on a sure-fire favourite as on more of a punt.

Those who want to chase faster profits have a couple of options in terms of a betting strategy. One of these is a short-term strategy called Martingale. How this works is easy. Each time the better places a wager, they stake their entire balance on the football bet. It is clear this can be a fast route to make a lot of cash out of gambling. However, it is worth remembering that the reverse is true as well. By staking your whole bankroll on one bet, you can lose it all very fast.

Another short-term betting strategy is the Fibonacci betting system. This relies on the Fibonacci system of numbers, which starts as follows: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. You can probably see how this system works. Each number is calculated by adding the two numbers that precede it in the list. So the next number in the Fibonacci would be 34 – made by adding 13 and 21 together.

You start by placing one of your chosen staking level on a bet. If it wins, you stay at that level. If the bet loses, you move on to the next number. The traditional Fibonacci betting system involves betting on draws in football matches. But other people use it on a range of different bets. The idea is that there will always be a draw eventually in a run of games – guaranteeing results. But the flip side to the Fibonacci betting system is that results can only be guaranteed with unlimited time and an unlimited budget. This, understandably, is not something everyone can commit to.

Betting on Live Matches

Betting on Live MatchesWhile a lot of people only bet pre-match, this could be missing a trick. Live in-play betting is hugely popular these days. And due to how quickly the football odds can move, there are a lot of opportunities to win big. While bookies will usually be pretty similarly priced pre-match, this may not be the case once a match gets underway. Comparing odds across bookies is therefore key.

Not only is betting on a live game a great way to make the match more entertaining, it can result in big winnings as well. Bookies often run in-play promotions. Look out for these as they can often be used as an easy ticket to win plenty of cash. And betting in-play on some bookmaker websites can also allow you to stream the game live through your betting account as well.

Beating the Odds

Anyone who wants to succeed in football betting needs to learn how to beat the odds. This is easier than it sounds. With so many bookies out there, you always have a lot of choices when it comes to prices. The first golden rule is to never take a bad price. But how do you know what is a good price, and what is a bad price? Therefore, you should always be comparing your odds.

Bookies will sometimes be known for offering better odds on certain sports. But there are no hard and fast rules. The best thing to do is simply learn for yourself which bookies to use for which bets. There are no shortcuts to success here, unfortunately.

Taking advantage of offers and promotions is also a must. Bookies are constantly launching new promotions in a bid to tempt people into bets. The trick is to only use these on bets you wanted to place anyway. If you are betting for the sake of using an offer, this is unlikely to lead to wins in the long-term. So try to stick to offers when you were going to be placing football bets anyway.

November 8, 2017

Top Tips on Successful Cricket Betting

cricket betting

What are some of the top tips to be successful in cricket betting? Read our guide and you will get your answers? Cricket betting is growing in popularity, so follow our advice to get ahead of the bookies. They already have enough money! It’s time to take some of it back.

Cricket betting involves a number of different factors. There are three different formats to the sport to start with. Test cricket is the oldest and it is still the pinnacle of the sport. Played over five days, sometimes it still does not end with a winner. The most famous example of Test cricket is the Ashes. Played between England and Australia every couple of years, it features one of the fiercest rivalries in sport.

The newcomer on the scene is Twenty20 cricket. Each team bats for 20 overs and the side with the most runs wins the game. T20 is popular with the younger generation in particular. This is as games are over a lot quicker. They take around three hours to complete from when they start.

One-day cricket remains a popular form of the game too, with teams typically having 50 overs each to set a total. And with the three different formats, it means there is always cricket on somewhere. This is especially true due to the fact that cricket is played all over the world.

So what are some of the fundamentals of cricket betting? What do you need to know before you get started with having an online bet on the cricket? Read on for our full guide to cricket betting.

Introduction to Online Cricket Betting

Cricket BettingBetting on cricket works in exactly the same way as any other sport. You simply have to predict the outcome of a particular match. Simple, right? Obviously, if it was so easy to do that, then everyone would be doing it. But there is a reason bookmakers tend to be extremely rich.

Gamblers are increasingly finding cricket betting can be very profitable. But to make cash out of it, you have to first be confident in what you are going. Some knowledge and expertise of cricket will certainly be beneficial. You do not have to be a big fan of cricket, but it can help.

With three very different formats, some gamblers may find focusing on one of them is the best way forward. Tests take a long time to play, but betting on them can be very rewarding. The slow pace means that there are a lot of in-play opportunities when having a bet on the cricket.

In contrast, one of the benefits of T20 cricket is that games are so short you could see your winnings swiftly. This is obviously a very good thing. But let’s start with covering cricket odds and how they work, so you can be comfortable when you come to place a bet on cricket.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Understanding cricket betting odds is a fundamental first step you need to take. Without knowing about odds, you cannot hope to beat the bookies. But the good thing is that odds are quite straightforward and you should get your head around them quite quickly.

Odds are usually displayed as a fraction on bookmaker websites, for example 9/4, 2/1 or 11/5. These are easy to work out. The number on the right side is how much you have to stake to win the number on the left. So if the odds are 2/1, you place 1 of your chosen currency to win 2.

Sometimes odds may be shown as a decimal, however. This is just as easy to work out. You simply multiply the number in the odds by 1 to get the amount you stand to win in your bet. An example of odds expressed as a decimal would be as follows. A price of 2/1 would be 3.0 as a decimal, so you can see how it is easy to work them out from decimals to fractions.

Value Bets in Cricket Test Matches

Win from cricket betting

One of the golden rules of betting on sport is always to find value. Betting on poor value wagers is a fast way to lose a lot of money. Of course, it is not necessarily in the interests of the bookies to offer great value. Their trick is to offer prices that are just attractive enough to the punters.

But for people betting on cricket, finding the right value is a must. To do this, comparing prices across bookmakers is a good way to get ahead. Some bookies are famous in the industry for being tight with their odds. Others may be more generous. But it varies depending on the sport. So when betting on cricket, the best way forward is to just keep an eye on which bookies have the best odds on the sport.

Even if you are sure a particular outcome is going to happen in your chosen match, you do not necessarily need to back it. If the bet is poor value, you ought to steer clear. It may feel perverse to turn down a bet you think is a winner. But it is the right thing to do. Here’s why. Taking poor value bets offers no incentive to the bookies to provide better quality cricket betting odds. Shopping around for the best prices forces everyone to up their game. This is good for punters.

Home teams usually have a better chance of winning cricket matches. This is something to keep in mind when having a bet on the cricket. The toss is also a major factor. Teams that win the toss have an immediate advantage in terms of going on to win the match. But what are some of the more advanced cricket betting strategies you need to know about before betting?

Best Cricket Betting Strategies

The first thing to note here is that no strategy ever guarantees success in betting. While a cricket betting strategy may seem like it cannot fail, this is always a possibility. Sport thrives on surprises. It is one of the major reasons why sport is so popular all the way around the world.

But there are a few ways you can get ahead of the bookies. Research is one of the main ways. There are no shortcuts to success in cricket betting. Time spent on research will usually result in bigger yields in terms of the cash you win. The good news here is the advent of the internet has made a wealth of data available at the tips of your fingers. Player performance can be easily assessed. Statistics about head-to-head records can be found in seconds. This is all a vital resource that can help you when placing an online bet on the cricket.

Cricket Betting Strategies

As mentioned above, a couple of trends can be typically relied on in cricket. One is home teams winning more often than not. Another is that the team winning the toss has a better chance of winning than the team that loses the toss. A home team winning the toss is therefore big news.

In addition, some players tend to perform well in certain conditions. Others may thrive when they play at a certain venue. When betting on international cricket, look out for players performing on their home ground. Also take time to check how teams have played at that ground before. Some teams have formidable records at certain venues, so this is something of which to be aware.

As with any type of betting, there is another golden rule to always keep in your mind. No matter how confident you are, the bet always has a chance of losing. So never bet more than you can afford to lose.

November 8, 2017

How to Bet on Live Cricket Games?

How to Bet on Live Cricket Games?

Cricket betting may not be the most popular sport to gamble on, but there is a huge audience of people out there who love to place bets while watching the game.

There are large parts of the world that do not really play cricket. But the sport still has a massive global fanbase with millions of people in countries such as India gripped to it.

With three different forms of the game, there is a lot of choices when it comes to betting on cricket. Test cricket is the most traditional of the types of a cricket match. These games last for five days. Sometimes they still end in a draw, which is baffling to those who do not love the sport. One-day internationals see teams bat for 50 overs each, with the World Cup the pinnacle. And in the last few years, Twenty20 cricket has exploded on to the scene. A shorter version of a one-day match, teams bat for 20 overs each, as is obvious from the name.

Cricket Betting

Due to the there being three different forms, and the fact cricket is played across the globe, it means there is virtually always a game on. Which means there is always a game to bet on. Whether it is in Australia, Bangladesh, England or West Indies, there will be cricket somewhere.

But for those who are brand new to the sport, how do you go about betting on cricket? The basics are much the same as when you bet on any other game. You can bet on which team wins a cricket match or a tournament, for example. But one of the best things about betting on cricket is the match suits in-play wagers extremely well. Regular breaks mean there are chances to place a bet. And those who can predict what will happen next can make a fortune.

Our guide to betting on cricket will tell you everything you need to know to get started. If you want to have an online bet on cricket, we can help. So let’s not waste any more time. On we go!

Choosing an Online Betting Site That Gives Good Odds

There are a few key rules when it comes to betting on any sport. And cricket is certainly no different! The first golden rule is to find the best odds. You cannot hope to beat the bookies if you are taking poor odds. But how do you make sure you are betting on a good price? Comparing odds across a number of bookies is a good way to check prices are realistic. While bookies will usually have similar odds, there are sometimes larger differences than you expect.

Best betting site

To take full advantage, open accounts with all of the major bookies. This will also allow you to make the most of their offers. All bookmakers have promotions to entice you to bet on a sport with them rather than with a rival. So every time you sign up to get an account, use their promotion. This is usually in the form of free bets, which you can convert into cash if you use them right.

Some bookies are famous for having better odds than others. And the reverse is true as well. Some bookies always seem to have worse prices than those on offer everywhere else. After you have spent some time betting, you will soon start to work out which bookies are in which category. Some bookies specialise in a particular sport. So a betting firm may focus on football and set their odds to be particularly appealing for that game. Others may decide to make American sports their focus. So to get great odds, look for a bookie that takes pride in cricket betting. They may have regular cricket betting promotions running, for example.

How to Bet

Once you have worked out the bookie you want to use, you are ready to place a bet. Betting is easy at its heart. All you need to do is predict what will happen in your chosen cricket match. Obviously, it is not quite that easy though! If it was, everyone would be doing it.

How to place a betWhen you have made your selection, here’s how to place a bet. Click on the option you want to back, then select your stake. It makes sense to bet more on wagers you are more confident will win. But always gamble responsibly. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

After entering your stake, take a moment to check you are placing the right bet. It is easy to click the wrong thing if you are not paying full attention. Bookies will often ask you to confirm the bet, which is your cue to give it another look. Once you’re confident you have bet on the right thing, click confirm and your bet will be placed. It is that simple. Bookies today have mobile apps to make it even easier. You should be able to place a bet in a matter of seconds. This will matter a lot when you come to bet in play. You do not want to miss your chance to get your wager on.

How Betting Odds Work

Those who are brand new to betting on sports may need some information on odds. Betting odds can be tough to work out if you do not have a lot of experience with gambling. Especially as they can be presented in a couple of different ways.

Fraction odds are the traditional way odds are displayed on bookmaker websites. For example, 2/1 would be a typical price on offer. You might want to back England to beat Australia in a betting market at odds of 2/1, as an example. Australia would probably be favourites and a lot shorter in the odds, but it depends on a variety of factors such as the format, form and injuries.

Live cricket betting requires a solid understanding of odds and how they work. While experts may know all this already, it is worth covering for the beginners. Let’s stick with 2/1 as an example. This means you have to stake £1 or whatever your chosen currency is to win £2. A £10 winning wager at odds of 2/1 would, therefore, return £30 in total – £20 profit, plus £10 stake.

As well as fractional odds, bookmakers often now display their odds in a decimal format. For some people, this is an easier way to compare prices, especially across bookies. An example of a decimal price would be 3.0, which equates to the same as 2/1. Decimal odds are easy to work out. If the price is 3.0, this means you’ll receive £3 back in total for every £1 you opt to place.

It does not really matter which way you choose to see odds. Bookmaker websites will usually allow you to change between fractions and decimals easily enough. Play around with them and see what works for you. Some people prefer fractions. Others like to use decimals.

Decimal odds can sometimes be more useful when betting live on cricket. But really it makes little difference. As long as you are comfortable with the format, pick whichever you like. The important thing is you can work out two things. Firstly, what you stand to win the bet. And secondly, whether or not the odds on offer are actually good value.

Anyone wondering how to bet on live cricket games – there you go! All the best with your bets.

November 8, 2017

How to Bet on Camel Racing Without Risk?

How to Bet on Camel Racing Without Risk?

Camel racing is enjoying a resurgence and betting on the sport is increasingly popular too. Typically held in the Middle East and around the the Arabian Peninsula, camel racing is traditional but has a modern edge to it. Technology has been adopted within the sport.

The Camel Cup, which is held at Alice Springs in Australia, is one of the biggest events on the camel racing calendar. Upwards of $2 million can be won by the owners of winning camels. The animals themselves are controlled by robot jockeys. Children used to be used, but this was then outlawed. The robots, designed to be very light, are controlled by the owners of the camels.

For those who want to know how to win at camel racing, where do you know where to start? Our guide to camel racing tells you everything you need to know about camel racing. Let’s crack on!

What is Camel Racing?

Camel Racing

But what is camel racing? Well – it is exactly what you would think. Racing camels! Camels are surprisingly fast. Over short distances, they can move as fast as up to 65 km/h. This works out at around 18 m/s or 40 mph. The best camels can be sold for millions of dollars. And as with horse racing, breeding programmes are constructed to develop the fastest camels possible.

Qatar’s largest camel racing track is at Al-Shahaniya. This is one of the most famous camel racing venues in the world. Those who bet on camel racing will often bet on races here. However, as gambling is considered illegal in Islam, bets are sometimes known as “predictions”. This is even though they work in just the same way as a bet.

Just like in horse racing, tracks can be at a variety of lengths. Some camel races will be over just 1.5 kilometres. Others will be as long as eight kilometres. These races are therefore more of a test of stamina and endurance. Races tend to be arranged so camels of a similar age race each other. Male and female camels will not usually be in the same race either.

Camels get treated incredibly well, just like a thoroughbred racehorse would be. Training is taken very seriously, with the diet of the animals carefully controlled. One of the biggest camel races to look out for is the Boulia Desert Sands. A A$25,000 prize purse is up for grabs at this event, which is held in Queensland. Camel racing is hugely popular with tourists too.

Camel Racing Tips

Placing a bet on camel racing is just the same as any other sport. While it may seem unusual, just treat camel racing like another sport such as horse racing and you will not go far wrong. As an example, studying the form is a good idea. Some camels will only perform well at a certain length. As with horse racing, some are sprinters and others are trained for endurance. Being able to identify which camels are comfortable with the distance is going to be key to winning.

Smaller races can be more unpredictable to bet on. Surprise winners are more common here. But when there is a big prize pot up for grabs, the top name trainers will be involved. Certain trainers tend to perform well on certain tracks. Again, research is very important here.

Younger camels may have the edge in terms of speed, but often the more mature animals come out on top. This is as they have more stamina and have been trained for longer. They also have more discipline having got used to what is involved in camel racing.

What are the Value Bets in Camel Races?

win money from camel racing

Dubai’s annual Camel Racing Festival is one of the biggest events in the sport. This is when a lot of money can be made out of betting on races with camels. Bookmakers will often run special promotions in the build-up to this event. Taking advantage of promo offers is key to success.

Opening up accounts with all of the different bookies is a must. That way, whenever a new promotion comes up, you will be able to take full advantage of the offer. Camel racing in UAE and camel racing in Dubai are both growing quickly in popularity. This means more bookies than ever are offering prices on camel races.

Camel betting can be just as unpredictable as other sports. Even when a camel is considered to be a strong favourite for a race, there is no guarantee the camel will win. As such, stakes on camel racing should be carefully controlled. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.