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November 8, 2017

How to Bet on Camel Racing Without Risk?

How to Bet on Camel Racing Without Risk?

Camel racing is enjoying a resurgence and betting on the sport is increasingly popular too. Typically held in the Middle East and around the the Arabian Peninsula, camel racing is traditional but has a modern edge to it. Technology has been adopted within the sport.

The Camel Cup, which is held at Alice Springs in Australia, is one of the biggest events on the camel racing calendar. Upwards of $2 million can be won by the owners of winning camels. The animals themselves are controlled by robot jockeys. Children used to be used, but this was then outlawed. The robots, designed to be very light, are controlled by the owners of the camels.

For those who want to know how to win at camel racing, where do you know where to start? Our guide to camel racing tells you everything you need to know about camel racing. Let’s crack on!

What is Camel Racing?

Camel Racing

But what is camel racing? Well – it is exactly what you would think. Racing camels! Camels are surprisingly fast. Over short distances, they can move as fast as up to 65 km/h. This works out at around 18 m/s or 40 mph. The best camels can be sold for millions of dollars. And as with horse racing, breeding programmes are constructed to develop the fastest camels possible.

Qatar’s largest camel racing track is at Al-Shahaniya. This is one of the most famous camel racing venues in the world. Those who bet on camel racing will often bet on races here. However, as gambling is considered illegal in Islam, bets are sometimes known as “predictions”. This is even though they work in just the same way as a bet.

Just like in horse racing, tracks can be at a variety of lengths. Some camel races will be over just 1.5 kilometres. Others will be as long as eight kilometres. These races are therefore more of a test of stamina and endurance. Races tend to be arranged so camels of a similar age race each other. Male and female camels will not usually be in the same race either.

Camels get treated incredibly well, just like a thoroughbred racehorse would be. Training is taken very seriously, with the diet of the animals carefully controlled. One of the biggest camel races to look out for is the Boulia Desert Sands. A A$25,000 prize purse is up for grabs at this event, which is held in Queensland. Camel racing is hugely popular with tourists too.

Camel Racing Tips

Placing a bet on camel racing is just the same as any other sport. While it may seem unusual, just treat camel racing like another sport such as horse racing and you will not go far wrong. As an example, studying the form is a good idea. Some camels will only perform well at a certain length. As with horse racing, some are sprinters and others are trained for endurance. Being able to identify which camels are comfortable with the distance is going to be key to winning.

Smaller races can be more unpredictable to bet on. Surprise winners are more common here. But when there is a big prize pot up for grabs, the top name trainers will be involved. Certain trainers tend to perform well on certain tracks. Again, research is very important here.

Younger camels may have the edge in terms of speed, but often the more mature animals come out on top. This is as they have more stamina and have been trained for longer. They also have more discipline having got used to what is involved in camel racing.

What are the Value Bets in Camel Races?

win money from camel racing

Dubai’s annual Camel Racing Festival is one of the biggest events in the sport. This is when a lot of money can be made out of betting on races with camels. Bookmakers will often run special promotions in the build-up to this event. Taking advantage of promo offers is key to success.

Opening up accounts with all of the different bookies is a must. That way, whenever a new promotion comes up, you will be able to take full advantage of the offer. Camel racing in UAE and camel racing in Dubai are both growing quickly in popularity. This means more bookies than ever are offering prices on camel races.

Camel betting can be just as unpredictable as other sports. Even when a camel is considered to be a strong favourite for a race, there is no guarantee the camel will win. As such, stakes on camel racing should be carefully controlled. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.