November 16, 2017

Football Betting Without Risk

ball in the goalkeepers net

Football betting is a popular pastime all over the world. Gambling on matches helps to make games more exciting. Plus you can win a lot of money! But, of course, with betting, you can always lose cash as well. So what if there was a way to bet on football without risk?

It goes without saying that there will always be a risk involved in betting. The beauty of sport is it is unpredictable. Even when a team is a massive favourite to win, there are never any guarantees. But there are certainly ways risk can be minimised for those who are gambling. No matter the match, you can increase your chances of winning. And who does not want the opportunity to beat the bookies?

Our guide to football betting without risk will help you to win cash. Follow our recommendations and you will soon be on your way. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert. There is always room to learn more about how to win football bets. So let’s not waste any more time!

How to Evaluate Risk When Betting on Football Matches?

The risk is always a factor when it comes to betting. It is one of the things that makes having a bet on football so exciting, after all. But ultimately, we are all here because we want to win money. And this is where the evaluating risk comes into the picture. Without knowing how to evaluate the risk level of a bet, you are immediately giving the upper hand to the bookmakers.

But how do you go about evaluating risk when betting? Perhaps the most obvious place to start is with the odds. If a team is a big outsider to win a match, they may be priced at odds of 10/1. In effect, this means that for every 10 matches played, they would win roughly one of them.

Football MatchesOf course, you also have to factor in that the bookies take a percentage as their margin too. The better bookies keep their margins low so their odds are attractive to bet on. But it is not unheard of for popular bookmakers to be taking a surprisingly large cut as their margin.

Sticking with the odds, comparing prices across bookmakers is a must. By doing this, you can ascertain whether or not a price is really fair. If a bookie is a lot shorter than rivals for a particular bet, you should steer clear. Taking a badly priced bet is only going to increase the level of risk.

Anyone with experience of betting on football will already have a working knowledge of risk evaluation. We usually do this without thinking too much. Assessing the form is a type of risk evaluation for a bet. So is checking out the team news, or reading the head to head record.

All of these things can help to build up a picture of the risk involved in a bet. And if you consider the price on offer to be a good one for the risk, then it is time to pick your stake. It goes without saying that a higher stake means there is a lot more risk riding on a bet. And any experienced gambler already knows you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Risky Strategies

Risk betting strategies

Betting on football regularly may lead punters to think they need a strategy. Some betting fans find a strategy to be useful. For others, it can act as a hindrance. It really depends on the individual. While it cannot hurt to try out a system, they usually work over a long period. Results gained via a betting system over a short trial may therefore not be particularly attractive.

Typically, the more selections added to a bet, the less likely it is to win. Multiple team accumulators are for amateur gamblers. The cherry of a possible big win is certainly appealing. But the fact is these bets are extremely hard to win. If everyone could win 10-team access all the time, bookies would soon go out of business. Keep this in mind when considering access.

Punters may also go for a bet where they are backing every team in a division such the Premier League to score. These are also very hard to land and are not recommended as a result. As a serious gambler, when you bet on football you need to be maximising your chances of winning. A bet that wins a small profit is always better than a losing bet that offered a huge return.

Some gamblers use a system where you stake your entire bankroll on each bet. Obviously, this can result in seriously impressive earnings very quickly. But the flip side is true as well. As soon as the bet loses, you will be out of money. And then it is very tempting to start chasing losses.

Another risky betting system is to double your stake after any failed bet. This is known as the Martingale betting strategy. Often used by those who are betting on football, it can work well. Many punters have been able to achieve big profits using the Martingale betting strategy. But others have found it is just another fast way to lose a lot of cash.

High-Value Strategies

Win money with betting strategy

Fixed wagers are a good starting strategy for those relatively new to football bets. This is exactly as it says. You place the same stake regardless of the bet you are placing. Losses are easy to control and the gains should be slow and steady. Those without a lot of patience may struggle to cope with the fixed wager betting system, however. You may opt to stake 10 of your chosen currency on each bet as part of this system. This means you are highly unlikely to suffer big losses. But those looking to get rich quick may need to go elsewhere.

Only taking value bets is a good high-value strategy to consider. This involves a lot of time checking out odds and comparing the prices across various bookmakers. This is not for everyone as it can be quite dull. However, the rewards are worth it. In an ideal world, every wager offered by a bookie would be a decent value. But this is simply not the case.

A lot of bookies are simply trying to attract casual punters who may know little about odds. These people do not really consider value when placing football bets. They may be blinded by a large potential return. In reality, slow and steady is often the right way to make money gambling.

As mentioned above, access is not typically a sensible way to bet on football. The sport is so unpredictable that even teams like Barcelona and Manchester United lose games they are expected to win easily. Instead, hunt out the best value and keep to singles. This may feel like turning down the chance to win big, but overall it should result in a good level of profit.

Live bets on football are another possible way to beat the bookies. When a match is underway, bookmakers have less time to calculate their odds. This means high-value opportunities sometimes present themselves in the middle of a game. For example, when a team brings their star player off the bench. This may give them a substantially higher chance of winning the game. But often the live soccer bets prices will take more time to factor this into the odds.

Obviously, risk can never be totally eliminated from football betting. The risk is one of the things that keeps us coming back for more. But follow our tips and you can reduce risk dramatically.