Football Betting

Betting on football is a popular way for fans of the beautiful game to spend their weekends and evenings.

Some websites provide football betting tips, which give the reader insights into statistical trends which compare favourably with the odds offered. For example, if 54% of Team A’s matches have seen Under 2.5 goals, as have 52% of Team B’s games, we can presume that the probability of a match between Team A and Team B seeing two or fewer goals is 53%.

If one bookie quotes 19/20 (1.95) on Under 2.5 goals, an implied probability of 51.3%, that is 1.7% lower than the statistical trends suggest, making those football betting odds good value. If another betting company quotes 17/20 (1.85) on Under 2.5 goals, an implied probability of 54.1%, that’s 1.1% higher than the trends indicate, therefore the bet is not a value one.

The best football betting sites are able to monitor the offers made by their rivals on odds comparison sites. In turn, they decide on prices that are sensible from a business perspective yet also appealing to potential customers.

Live football betting has also risen recently. While selections are typically made before kick-off, some prefer to see how a game is panning out before deciding who will win. For example, Team A might be 13/10 to beat Team B pre-match, but if they lead 1-0 with 20 minutes to go, punters could back them in the in-play market at 2/7. Alternatively, they could back a draw at 7/1 or even Team B to win at 20/1.

Whether finding betting odds football is done live or pre-match, it has become a huge part of the modern fan’s match-day ritual.

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