Horse Racing Betting

We all enjoy a bit of Horse Racing live betting, but the history of this sport makes it all the more unique.

Remarkably, archaeological records indicate that Horse Racing occurred in the Ancient Greek Olympics, which unfolded as far back as 648 BC. It is fair to say then, that the sport has come a long way in the subsequent 2,666 years.

There are many different types of horse racing, but the four most commonly known are as follows. Flat Racing sees horses gallop directly between two points and Jump Racing involves them racing over obstacles; Harness Racing requires them to pull their driver in an open carriage behind them while Endurance Racing tests their stamina over long distances, which can range between 25 and 100 miles.

A fundamental aspect of this sport’s appeal, both economically and in terms of general interest, is the horse racing odds and horse racing betting strategies that we associate with it. In 2008 for example, the sport generated a worldwide market worth of around US $115 billion.

Small towns such as Epsom and Cheltenham, which perhaps don’t ordinarily capture global attention, have benefited hugely financially from the tourism that has come with these major sporting events they have hosted.

Given this, it is hardly surprising that online horse racing betting is becoming increasingly popular. Websites clamour to become the go-to place for the latest horse racing betting and to do this, they provide horse racing betting tips, trying to find value based on form and statistics.

There are a few horse racing betting rules – for example, any bets other than Ante Post will be void if the race is abandoned or declared void. However, punting on these races is a highly rewarding pastime – wild horses couldn’t drag us away.