December 12, 2017

How to Choose a Reliable Online Casino Operator?

Joe Calzaghe in front of a slot machine

Choosing the right online casino operator is a massive challenge. With hundreds of options on the market, there is almost too much choice. How can you tell the difference? All the companies say they are the ones you should choose. Selecting one that suits your needs is really tricky.

But we are here to help with this. Follow our advice and you will be on your way to gambling success. Of course, the right online casino account is only one step along the way to profit. But it can make a big difference. So taking time over making this decision is recommended. So what should you be looking out for? What types of online casinos are there to choose from? What should be a red flag in your mind when signing up for a new online gambling account?

There is a lot to get through, so we will crack on. This guide will cover everything you need to know. From withdrawal options and regulations to game diversity. However, we will start with the many different types of online casinos on the market. Read on for more!

Types of Online Casinos

While it may seem on the face of it like all online casinos are the same, this is far from the case. Some naturally focus on one area. For example, a gambling operator may essentially be a poker room with some online casino action on the side. Others are sportsbooks where you can also play some blackjack or roulette. Some sites offer nothing at all apart from online slots.

Online Casinos

It can be good to have a decent mix, so try to find a site that has all the options covered. But if you have no interest in playing poker online, there is no point in having an account with an operator that sees itself as a poker site first and foremost. So look out for a site’s niche. Some operators will make this a lot more obvious than others. Look for the range of slots on offer. A small array indicates the operator does not take online slots that seriously. With 70 percent of gambling operator profits coming from slots, however, almost all sites will offer some slots.

Sportsbooks are useful if you want to have a bet on the latest action alongside casino games. But these sites often do not offer the best terms when it comes to online gambling. You should decide what is important to you from an online casino operator. Then look for a site that ticks all of your required boxes.

There is also nothing to stop you from trying out a number of different online casinos. In fact, this is recommended. Having a range of accounts can allow you to make the most of the many offers out there. All casino sites have some sort of promotion to entice you to sign up. But a lot of operators also have regular offers aimed at customers to keep them gambling on the site. It is worth checking the terms and conditions closely, though. This is as bonus funds usually have to be wagered at least a few times before you can withdraw the cash. So look out for this before you commit to signing up for an account with any of the gambling operators on the internet.

Game Diversity

One of the things you are looking for in an online casino operator is game diversity. This ties in with the above point about the different types of online casino companies on the internet. A high level of game diversity is extremely appealing in a casino. It means you will always have a lot of choices when you feel like having a bet.

Online casino games

Take online slots for an example. There are countless online slot games out there. But you do not want to have to hunt around for your favourite game. So make sure when you join up for an account that the operator offers the online casino games that you want to play. When gambling online you also want a decent choice of different types of games to play. Some days you might want to play on a live casino, trying out a game such as roulette or blackjack. Other times you might be up for trying your luck with a game of poker. So having that range is very important.

Coming back to slots, there are a couple of things to look out for. One of these is the RTP – the return to the player. This figure is shown as a percentage of the casino site. It means that for every 100 of your chosen currency, the percentage should be returned to the player on average. So if you wager $100 on a slot with an RTP of 93.5 percent, you should receive about $93.50 back. The difference accounts for the cash taken as the house’s share of the pie. You should also consider that the figures will be swayed by those who win massive jackpots. Some games pay out small amounts regularly. Others are more geared towards the giant jackpot cash hauls.

Casino sites should show the RTP of each game clearly, so the data is easy to find. Any slot with an RTP of less than 95 percent is likely not going to be worth playing. That extra two or three percent can work out as a lot of money in the long run, so hunt out the high-value RTP slots. Of course, playing slots is meant to be fun as well. So in some cases, you might happily play a low-RTP slot as it is good fun. But remember – lower RTPs means more cash back to the casino operators. And that is your money that they are taking to line their pockets.

Licenses, Regulations and Withdrawal Options

How do you know a casino operator is reliable? Well, one of the ways to check is through their licenses. Casino operators all have to be licensed and regulated. It is also worth pointing out at this stage that casino games online are not legal in all parts of the world. Depending on where you live and access the internet, you could be breaking the law by online gambling. The good news is that people are almost never prosecuted for this, but it is worth keeping in mind.

Gambling options

Casino operators that are well run will display all the relevant information about their licenses somewhere they can be easily found. The same is true for the regulations they have to abide by. A lot of casino operators choose to base themselves in locations such as Malta. This is for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the main one is because of that country’s gambling licensing laws. Even in a nation like the United States – the land of the free – gambling can be heavily restricted. It seems like things are gradually changing in America. It may be the case that gambling online is fully legal throughout the country one day. But that day is not yet here. So pay close attention to the way your chosen casino operator opts to handle issues like licensing and regulation.

For another way to check out how good a casino operator is, look at their withdrawal options. Bad casino companies sometimes make it very hard to get your winnings. This is a big red flag. Any company that forces you to jump through a lot of hoops to get your cash should be avoided. A lot of information is out there on this issue, so take some time to research your chosen sites. Many companies now allow you to use online systems such as Paypal to handle withdrawals. This can be useful if you want to be able to transfer money in and out of an account quickly.

That is about all we have time for in this guide! Finding a reliable online casino operator is not always easy. But following the above tips and advice should be able to help out a lot. Good luck!