November 16, 2017

Live Football Betting – How to Beat the Odds

Tony Martial scores again

Live football betting can be a great way to beat the bookies. And after all, that is what we are all after. The bookmakers have had the upper hand for too long now. It is time for us to fight back. The arrival of the internet has dragged gambling into the 21st century. New innovations such a streaming and betting in-play have changed the industry forever. And it is for the better.

Beating the betting Odds

By betting on a live game, you are making the match a lot more fun to watch. But not only that, you could be increasing your chance of being a winner in your football bets. Bookies have lots of time to prepare their odds before kick-off. As such, there is rarely many variations between the various different bookmakers available on the internet.

But this all changes when it comes to living football betting. Although bookies have huge teams of traders for this purpose, live betting can still catch them out sometimes. It can be a lot easier to find high-value bets when gambling on live soccer bets. But how do you know what you are looking at? Where do you get started? Our guide to living betting covers everything you need.

Know What You Are Betting On

It surely goes without saying that you need to know what you are betting on. Gambling in the 21st century can be complicated. There are new markets launching all the time. It can be hard to keep track of all the different odds on offer on bookmaker websites in this day and age.

BettingFor this reason, many of those who bet on football stick to certain markets. If you are willing to do deep research, this can be very profitable. Even a basic market for both teams to score can be a good choice here. Others find focusing on one particular competition is fruitful.

With hundreds of football matches taking place around the world daily, there is almost too much choice. You cannot hope to be an expert on everything. Picking a few leagues to focus on in detail may be a good way to start a serious football betting career.

Markets such as the Asian handicap have become more mainstream in recent years. Handicaps are a great option for when one team is a strong favourite in the betting. Asian handicaps have a slight twist but are easy to understand when you get your head around them.

The best thing to do is simply to take time to work out the various bets that are available. Even if the bookmaker website does not have an explanation, these will be easy enough to find on the internet in a similar guide to this one. From Goliaths to Yankees, Super Heinz to Trixies. There are an awful lot of different types of bet out there. But do not feel you have to do them all. Lots of people make plenty of cash from football bets that consist almost wholly of singles.

Understand the Odds

Odds are the centrepiece of betting on sports. Without a solid knowledge and understanding of odds, you cannot hope to get ahead of the bookies. Odds used to be presented as fractions all the time. But this has been steadily changing over the course of the last few years.

Bookie websites will now usually offer a choice of how to display the odds. Fractions may well still be the default choice. An example of a price displayed as a fraction would be 5/1. This means you have to stake 1 of your chosen currency to win a profit of 5 back. But increasingly, decimal odds are also being used across the industry.

Betting OddsA lot of people find that decimal odds are easier to work with. This can be especially true for live football bets. The prices change so quickly mid-game that decimals can be easy to track. But the purists tend to prefer the traditional way of calculating odds. As an example, the price of 5/1 mentioned above would be written as 6.0 as a decimal. Your returns stay the same, of course.

On most bookmaker websites these days, it is easy to switch between decimal and fraction. This means you can compare prices very easily with the click of a button. It is absolutely personal preference whether you opt to use decimal odds or fractions. At the end of the day, it should make little to no difference to your betting experience how the odds are displayed. The option will usually be placed towards the top of the page on a bookmaker website. Sometimes you may need to go into your account settings to switch between fraction and decimal odds.

Understand the Betting Terms

When betting on football, it is natural for there to be a certain amount of jargon. Bookies have a tendency to throw in these unfamiliar betting terms in the hope they catch newcomers out. Terms such as the favourite and the underdog will be known to anyone who places soccer bets.

But further into the gambling industry, there are a wealth of jargon terms that can be used. For example, do you know what the money line odds mean? This is often used in American sports. So if you do not just want to place football bets, you may need to know about the money line. This is a way of showing at a glance how much each side of a bet will pay out.

What about ante-post? While a lot of football bets are close to the match involved, others can be placed a long time in advance. For example, you can bet on who will win the next World Cup pretty much as soon as one tournament is over. This would be known as ante-post betting. In effect, it is the absolute opposite to live football bets.

There are lots of different types of bets to get to grips with too. An example of this is a Canadian, which can also be sometimes known as a Super Yankee. This extreme bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds plus an accumulator. But that is nothing compared to a Goliath. Can you guess what this is? A Goliath works out as 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefold, 28 sixfold, 8 sevenfold and an accumulator. That is a huge bet!

It is not just bet types and markets that can have confusing names. Bookmakers even do this with money. For example, £500 is known as a monkey in some gambling circles. Why is this? It is believed that the term dates all the way back to when soldiers were returning from India.

At that time in India, the 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. Soldiers took to calling this note a monkey. And when they returned back to Britain, the nickname for 500 had stuck. There are various other bookie nicknames for amounts too, for example, £25 is a pony.

Win rupee from betting

As you can see, there is a lot to understand about placing football bets! But at its heart, gambling is fairly simple. When placing soccer bets, you are simply predicting what will happen. A lot of the jargon and complex new markets can be ignored. Just pick your bet and move on!