November 17, 2017

Live Tennis Bets – Tips and Tricks

Grigor Dimitrov Celebrating Victory

We all know that tennis betting is massively popular around the world. And it can be hugely profitable as well. But an underrated section of tennis betting deserves more attention. This is live tennis bets. With matches taking place around the world throughout the year, there are vast opportunities for gamblers. The tennis season only takes a short break in December, so unlike most sports, the calendar runs for 11 months out of 12. This means plenty of cash can be made.

But what do you need to do to make the most out of living tennis betting? What if you have never placed live tennis bets before and do not know how to get started? This is where we come in. Our guide to living tennis betting covers everything you need to know to begin. Let’s get started!

Live Tennis Betting – The Bettors Gold Mine

Live tennis betting is nothing short of a gold mine. Once you know what you are doing, the cash should be rolling in faster than you can count it. There is one good reason why this is the case. While bookies have plenty of time to set their odds pre-match, once a game is underway they are fighting to keep up with the action. Although bookmakers employ massive teams of traders to manage their odds, this is a really big challenge. And if the bookies are struggling to set odds that suit them, this is an opportunity that can be exploited in tennis betting.

Tennis Betting

Although some tennis matches can go on for hours, they often turn on small periods of play in the match. This means fans who follow the sport closely can often spot these moments. And if you are quick enough, you can get live tennis bets on before the bookies have a chance to respond. Some players are known for giving up when a match starts to go against them. This is known in the sport as ‘tanking’. If you can spot when this is going to happen, there is a lot of money there to be made out of living tennis better.

Knowing the Markets is a Must!

Of course, to win in tennis betting you need to know about the markets. Bookmakers have basic options such as odds on a player to win a certain match or even a tournament. But those who are willing to go deeper can be rewarded with better value bets. This means more money in the long run, which is what we all want to achieve from our gambling.

Gambling marketsYou can bet on which player will win the first set, the score it will be, and even how many games a player wins over the course of the match. This can be advantageous, for example, if a player is known to be a fast starter in games but struggles over a longer period on the court. Handicap markets are another area where gamblers who know what they are doing can beat the bookies.

In tennis betting, handicap betting works in a similar way to as it does on a sport such as a football. Handicap markets focus on the number of games a player will win the match. So if you think the favourite in a match will win easily, you could back them at a handicap of -4.5, for example. Or if you think an underdog can push the favourite all the way, tennis bets on their handicap of +4.5 could prove to be very fruitful indeed.

Trick the Odds

Getting the best odds is a must no matter what you are betting on. But how do you find the best prices on offer? The obvious way to do this is to compare odds across bookmakers. This may not always be possible once a match is underway as tennis games are played so quickly. But there is really no excuse for failing to research the best odds before the start of a match. There can be a surprising amount of difference in the odds offered across various bookmakers. This is especially the case for low-profile matches that are not part of a well-known tournament.

For this reason, a lot of gamblers opt to bet on the challengers and futures tours for their tennis bets. These involve younger players who are trying to make their name in the game. While these matches can be a lot more unpredictable, this is good news for tennis fans who care deeply about the sport and can spot an up and coming talent. Often the bookmakers do not have a lot of insight into these matches, so a lot of good value odds can be up for grabs.

In addition, gamblers should make the most out of offers and promotions to ‘trick’ the odds. Bookies always have a range of sign-up offers on their website. Whenever you join a bookmaker, make sure you get one of these promotions on your new accounts. These can be used to make a lot of cash out of free bets. Furthermore, bookies often run regular promotions throughout the tennis season. Keep a close eye on these and exploit them as best as you can.

Focus on the ‘Winners’

Betting winnerTennis, like all sports, can be unpredictable to a certain degree. But at the top of the game, a few well-known faces tend to dominate. It is very rare that one of the four majors is won by a player not ranked among the elite. As such, gamblers should focus mainly on these players for the biggest events. While young players may make an impact on the tour, the days when unknowns win majors as teenagers appear to be gone for good.

The best-known players are usually offered at very short odds, however. This means that you may need to use markets such as the handicap in order to get some value from backing them.

Some players are also known for choking on a big stage. It is best to avoid these names as they will let you down when it counts more often than not. But proven winners, those who win big tournaments time and time again, will usually be in the mix to win the majors each year. They may not be offered at the best prices, but they are your best chance of winning these events.

The First Set is Important

It might sound obvious, but how a match starts is crucial for tennis bets. Data shows in the vast majority of ties, the player who wins the first set goes on to win the match. While this stands to reason in a three-set match, the same is true for the five-set format used in major tournaments.

Obviously in live tennis bets, a player who takes the first set will usually be made the favourite in the in-play odds. But this is not always the case. If it is the favourite who has fallen behind, they may still be the shorter price to win the match. What is for sure is that knowing the player who takes the first set usually wins the match is a trend we can follow.

However, there are exceptions. Some players are not great at leading from the front. They prefer to be trailing and chasing the game. They do not like the pressure of being in the lead. Once you are a set up you should win, and this affects certain players on the tour mentally.

It is clear that live tennis betting offers a wealth of opportunities for gambling. So pick your chosen match, settle in for the contest, and place your tennis bets!