November 17, 2017

Making Profitable Bets on Tennis Matches

Roger Federer jumping and making a nice shot

Tennis remains one of the most popular sports to bet on. From games involving elite players to young starlets, there is always lots to choose from. Interest in tennis bets naturally intensifies around the sport’s four major tournaments. These are the Australian Open at the start of the year, the French Open and Wimbledon in the summer, and US Open at the end of the season.

But tennis is a sport played virtually all year round now. There is only a short break around December before the players return to the court for the new season. This means there is always loads of matches to choose from when placing bets on tennis matches. And the choice is always a good thing when it comes to gambling.

But for those new to tennis betting, what do you need to know? Our tennis bets guide will cover all you need to know to start started. Looking for information on tennis betting market? Or struggling to work out how to research your tennis bets? Maybe you want to know more about the top players. You’re in the right place, so let’s get cracking!

Know the Tennis Betting Markets!

The arrival of the internet has led to an explosion in online betting options. And this is certainly the case for tennis, as well as sports such as football. Previously you might only be able to pick from a few bets aside from obvious markets such as a match or tournament winner. But now it is all change. Live in-play tennis betting means you can bet game by game during a match too. You can even cash out your profits before the end of a match with the majority of bookies now.

Tennis BettingOne of the options available is to bet on the winner of each set. So if you think one player is going to win a match by two sets to one, you can not just pick the score. You can decide which player you think will win each set of the match as well. Another common option for tennis bets in the 21st century is to bet on the total number of games or sets in the match.

Furthermore, gamblers can even use a handicap system to even out what is expected to be a one-sided match. Think Andy Murray will win easily? Check out the handicap markets for his match to find more value. Or if you think a top player will be pushed hard by the underdog, you can use the handicap system to your advantage here as well. Handicaps are highly versatile. Try them out and see how you can make them work as part of your favoured strategy. You do not necessarily need a strategy though. A lot of professional punters manage just fine without.

Make Your Research!

tennis betting researchWhen betting on any type of sport, research is always going to be key. With no shortcuts to success in gambling, you must be prepared to put the work in. The good news is that data is incredibly easy to find on the internet these days. It does not take long at all to look at the form of a player. You can see whether they perform better on a particular surface, or in one country. For example, it is a fairly common knowledge that Roger Federer is even better indoors than outdoors. There are few players that can touch the veteran Swiss at an indoor tournament.

You can even check out the head to head record for just about any match. It is surprising to see how some of the top players struggle against others on the tour. But you need to do the research. Tournaments also provide a lot of relevant and useful information these days. This can help you to identify trends that previous winners of the event may fulfil. It may be that powerful baseline players thrive in a particular tournament. Others may suit a big serving player more.

Some bookies will even make this research easy to carry out. A lot of bookmaker websites have stats and data present alongside their markets for tennis bets. However, keep in mind that the bookies may be trying to steer you in a particular direction. Use the data they provide – that is what it is there for – but check out other sources as well before making your final decision.

While research can help you to pick out good value bets, remember there are no guarantees. Even if all the data available points to a certain bet, it might not come in. Part of the beauty of sport is how it is so unpredictable. Random results can easily happen and ruin your bets, no matter how long you spent on the research. These things happen. Don’t worry about them.

Know the Players!

Part of the required research when you bet on tennis is to know a lot about the players. Even casual fans know about the likes of Federer, Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Big names like this will usually be overwhelming favourites to win their matches. It is therefore usually easier to find good value by looking elsewhere at the options on offer with bookies.

Tennis players

Some gamblers with a tennis betting strategy prefer to keep their focus away from the major events. These are inevitably won by the best players at short odds, so it is hard to win a lot of money. There are less predictable results in the challenger and future tour matches, however. Involving young players who are harder to predict, knowing a lot about this level can be fruitful.

It also helps when starlets start to break through on to the senior tour. While Alex Zverev seemed to come out of nowhere to claim big titles in 2017, this was not the case. Those who watched the lower levels of the game were already fully aware of the high talent of the German. Being one of the best players in an age group is no guarantee of future success, though. A lot of players tipped for greatness have struggled to turn major tournament wins as a junior into victories on the senior tour. It is not just a question of talent, but of their mentality as well.

The mentality is hard to measure and the statistics will not usually tell you much about a player’s mental strength. However, you can get a read of this simply by watching a lot of matches. You may get a sense of how someone feels when a player is winning against them. Some starlets are famous for ‘tanking’ – effectively giving up – when a match is going against them. The best young players, however, have a strong enough mentality to be able to fight back and win.

Tips on tennis betting are widely available on the internet. But while it does not hurt to read these, carry out your own research as well. Once a player has been tipped for a tournament, their odds will usually start to come down. This means you need to be a step ahead of the tipsters if you want to get a great price on a player to win a particular event.