Motor Racing Betting

Essentially, Motor racing is the subset of motorsport activities which involve various vehicles on any terrain racing against one another.

These competitions date back to 1894 when in France, a newspaper named Le Petit Journal organized a race from Paris to Rouen, which is known to be the world’s first competitive motor race. From there, the sports have grown and grown.

There are now lots of different types of motor racing including Kart racing, Air racing, Snowmobile racing, Hovercraft racing, Motorboat racing and – believe it or not – Lawn-mower racing. The latter would certainly make those quiet Sunday afternoons in the garden a little more eventful!

The category that is known most widely though is the Formula Racing. For a car to be eligible for this, it would need to have it’s wheels outside in the open, not contained by any bodywork of the vehicle. Big names such as Michael Schumacher, Filipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton have all won the F1 racing competition, which is the most common draw for live motor racing bets.

How to bet on Motor Racing?

Motor racing odds can be found with all mainstream bookmakers, who are currently offering online motor racing betting. The main competition of interest is the Moto Grand Prix World Championship 2018, in which Marc Marques is the current odds-on favourite for victory at the time of writing. As part of the bookies motor racing betting strategies, punters are also given the opportunity to Request A Bet, if their chosen dabble isn’t available on the list.

Motor racing betting tips are provided by some sites, based largely on the form of the drivers and the capability of the car. The question is: can you find the Formula for success?