Poker Online

It is not entirely clear when the game of poker was first invented, but the earliest records of it being played date right back to the nineteenth century.

Joseph Cowell, who was an English actor who performed mainly in England in the early 1800s but briefly toured America, reported that it was played in 1829 in New Orleans. Back then, there was a deck of 20 cards and four players put a bet on which player’s hand was the most valuable.

In ‘An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling’ by Jonathan H Green, it becomes clear that the game caught on like a wildfire. Fishermen and travellers on Mississippi riverboats, on which gambling was common due to the extended periods of tranquillity, passed on their knowledge of the game to others and over years it spread, becoming part of the frontier pioneer ethos.

A family of gambling card games that requires deception, ruthless forward-thinking and sometimes an element of luck, poker determines the winner of each hand based on the combinations of players’ cards, at least some of which remain hidden until the end of the hand. Variations of poker games offer different rules on the number of cards dealt, the number of cards hidden or shared and the general betting procedures.

Now, there are more poker games online and punters search for the best online poker sites. Some of which provide online poker tips on how to gamble shrewdly and remain aware of the various rules.

This is particularly useful, especially when rookies play online video poker, when they can in some cases be playing against experts who have practiced for years and will have developed sophisticated poker strategies.

The game is a fun pastime – so long as nobody can read one’s poker face.

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