November 8, 2017
cricket betting

What are some of the top tips to be successful in cricket betting? Read our guide and you will get your answers? Cricket betting is growing in popularity, so follow our advice to get ahead of the bookies. They already have enough money! It’s time to take some of it back.

Cricket betting involves a number of different factors. There are three different formats to the sport to start with. Test cricket is the oldest and it is still the pinnacle of the sport. Played over five days, sometimes it still does not end with a winner. The most famous example of Test cricket is the Ashes. Played between England and Australia every couple of years, it features one of the fiercest rivalries in sport.

The newcomer on the scene is Twenty20 cricket. Each team bats for 20 overs and the side with the most runs wins the game. T20 is popular with the younger generation in particular. This is as games are over a lot quicker. They take around three hours to complete from when they start.

One-day cricket remains a popular form of the game too, with teams typically having 50 overs each to set a total. And with the three different formats, it means there is always cricket on somewhere. This is especially true due to the fact that cricket is played all over the world.

So what are some of the fundamentals of cricket betting? What do you need to know before you get started with having an online bet on the cricket? Read on for our full guide to cricket betting.

Introduction to Online Cricket Betting

Cricket BettingBetting on cricket works in exactly the same way as any other sport. You simply have to predict the outcome of a particular match. Simple, right? Obviously, if it was so easy to do that, then everyone would be doing it. But there is a reason bookmakers tend to be extremely rich.

Gamblers are increasingly finding cricket betting can be very profitable. But to make cash out of it, you have to first be confident in what you are going. Some knowledge and expertise of cricket will certainly be beneficial. You do not have to be a big fan of cricket, but it can help.

With three very different formats, some gamblers may find focusing on one of them is the best way forward. Tests take a long time to play, but betting on them can be very rewarding. The slow pace means that there are a lot of in-play opportunities when having a bet on the cricket.

In contrast, one of the benefits of T20 cricket is that games are so short you could see your winnings swiftly. This is obviously a very good thing. But let’s start with covering cricket odds and how they work, so you can be comfortable when you come to place a bet on cricket.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Understanding cricket betting odds is a fundamental first step you need to take. Without knowing about odds, you cannot hope to beat the bookies. But the good thing is that odds are quite straightforward and you should get your head around them quite quickly.

Odds are usually displayed as a fraction on bookmaker websites, for example 9/4, 2/1 or 11/5. These are easy to work out. The number on the right side is how much you have to stake to win the number on the left. So if the odds are 2/1, you place 1 of your chosen currency to win 2.

Sometimes odds may be shown as a decimal, however. This is just as easy to work out. You simply multiply the number in the odds by 1 to get the amount you stand to win in your bet. An example of odds expressed as a decimal would be as follows. A price of 2/1 would be 3.0 as a decimal, so you can see how it is easy to work them out from decimals to fractions.

Value Bets in Cricket Test Matches

Win from cricket betting

One of the golden rules of betting on sport is always to find value. Betting on poor value wagers is a fast way to lose a lot of money. Of course, it is not necessarily in the interests of the bookies to offer great value. Their trick is to offer prices that are just attractive enough to the punters.

But for people betting on cricket, finding the right value is a must. To do this, comparing prices across bookmakers is a good way to get ahead. Some bookies are famous in the industry for being tight with their odds. Others may be more generous. But it varies depending on the sport. So when betting on cricket, the best way forward is to just keep an eye on which bookies have the best odds on the sport.

Even if you are sure a particular outcome is going to happen in your chosen match, you do not necessarily need to back it. If the bet is poor value, you ought to steer clear. It may feel perverse to turn down a bet you think is a winner. But it is the right thing to do. Here’s why. Taking poor value bets offers no incentive to the bookies to provide better quality cricket betting odds. Shopping around for the best prices forces everyone to up their game. This is good for punters.

Home teams usually have a better chance of winning cricket matches. This is something to keep in mind when having a bet on the cricket. The toss is also a major factor. Teams that win the toss have an immediate advantage in terms of going on to win the match. But what are some of the more advanced cricket betting strategies you need to know about before betting?

Best Cricket Betting Strategies

The first thing to note here is that no strategy ever guarantees success in betting. While a cricket betting strategy may seem like it cannot fail, this is always a possibility. Sport thrives on surprises. It is one of the major reasons why sport is so popular all the way around the world.

But there are a few ways you can get ahead of the bookies. Research is one of the main ways. There are no shortcuts to success in cricket betting. Time spent on research will usually result in bigger yields in terms of the cash you win. The good news here is the advent of the internet has made a wealth of data available at the tips of your fingers. Player performance can be easily assessed. Statistics about head-to-head records can be found in seconds. This is all a vital resource that can help you when placing an online bet on the cricket.

Cricket Betting Strategies

As mentioned above, a couple of trends can be typically relied on in cricket. One is home teams winning more often than not. Another is that the team winning the toss has a better chance of winning than the team that loses the toss. A home team winning the toss is therefore big news.

In addition, some players tend to perform well in certain conditions. Others may thrive when they play at a certain venue. When betting on international cricket, look out for players performing on their home ground. Also take time to check how teams have played at that ground before. Some teams have formidable records at certain venues, so this is something of which to be aware.

As with any type of betting, there is another golden rule to always keep in your mind. No matter how confident you are, the bet always has a chance of losing. So never bet more than you can afford to lose.