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Which are the Most Played Online Casino Games?

Want to make money out of online casino games? Of course you do! But how do you know which games to play? There is so much choice out there. Some online casino sites have hundreds of different options. And they all look so tempting. Online casino games, of course, are deliberately designed to be addictive. Everything about their design and the way they play is carefully curated to make you keep on coming back for more.

But what are the most played online casino games on the internet? With all that choice, where are customers choosing to spend their money? Let’s take a look at the four main options that people go to when they sign in to their favourite online casino sites.


Bet on RouletteWe kick off with roulette, an enduring popular choice of online casino game. Roulette on the internet works in just the same way as it does in a physical casino. Pick your numbers, decide your stake – that’s all there is to it really! Some sites will have a live casino element. This means there will be a human operator of the roulette wheel, so you can see it is a random spin.

There are a few different options to pick from if you want to play roulette online. The first is whether you go for an automated wheel over one with a human operator. The latter is probably a wiser choice as you can see there is no cheating going on from your chosen casino site.

Roulette games are very easy to spend a lot of money on. With this in mind, perhaps set a limit before you start to play. If you lose that amount of cash, simply walk away from the table. Chasing losses is always tempting when having a bet, but it rarely results in a happy ending.


Next up, let’s take a look at poker. Online poker is big business on the internet. A handful of sites have become household names, signing up world-class sports stars to advertise them. So again, there is going to be a lot of choice for anyone who fancies a game of poker online.

All the different variants of poker are covered, so whatever type of poker game you want to play, you will be able to find out. But obviously, it is not the same as playing in person. A lot of the skill in poker is reading your opponent. Guessing whether they are bluffing or really have a good hand. Without being able to see the faces of the other players, poker online is more challenging. But there are still things you can look out for to help you to make a decision over whether to check, raise or fold. One of the benefits of online poker is the range of price points on offer. If you only want to play for pennies, you can do that. For high rollers with cash to spend, there are tournaments with massive cash pots up for grabs as well. The choice is entirely up to you.

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play at a casino – and the same is true online. Perhaps the purest online casino game, blackjack is a great pick for beginners and experts alike. Again, there is a massive amount of choice for those wanting to play blackjack on an online gambling site. The game is usually basically the same – you try to get to 21.

Play Blackjack OnlineThere are some variants, though, so if there is a particular type of blackjack you fancy you will be able to find this relatively easily. Like all the games we have mentioned so far, it is easy to lose a lot of money on online blackjack. Losing streaks can be hard to break. But you can also see your winnings mount up quickly if things start to go your way. And the risk is what makes online gambling so appealing for a lot of people.

Avoid betting what you cannot afford to lose. This is the golden rule whether you are betting on roulette, poker, blackjack or slots – which we will come to next. A lot of people find it is useful to set limits before they start to play. Maybe it will be useful to have a target win in mind as well. The most important thing is to be strong enough to walk away at the right time. This is true whether or not you have been winning or losing. While things might be going well now, it is very easy for the situation to turn with online blackjack. Try to take your profits at the right time.


Last but not least, we should take a look at online slots. This is perhaps the biggest part of the gambling online industry. In fact, do you know how much cash sites make from online slots? Research has shown around 70 per cent of industry profits come from online slots. This is a staggering amount. It should also be a warning sign that so much more profit is made from slots when compared to blackjack, roulette, blackjack or the man other gambling games on offer.

This does not mean you should avoid playing online slots at all. Some of them are very fun to play whether you are winning or not. And you can often test them out with pretend money before putting your own cash on the line. This means you can get a feel of how they work in advance.

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Online slots will often push you towards playing slots over other games. For example, in the bonus funds they will hand out to customers when they sign up for a new account. This free money is not entirely free, of course. Punters using online gambling sites have to abide by the terms and conditions before having any chance of withdrawing those funds. This might be by playing through the money a certain number of times. This may be 5x or 10x but can sometimes be as much as 100x – and even higher in some cases.

A lot of the time, only slots will count fully towards this rollover amount as well. This is one of the main tricks sites use to get you to play their online slots instead of any of the other games on offer. But there are benefits to playing slots too. Some of the most popular slots have what is called a progressive jackpot. This means that a massive amount of money can sometimes be up for grabs. Someone has to be the lucky one who lands the lot. Why can’t it be you?

Slots are addictive though, so be careful. The same golden rule mentioned above applies here. Never wager more on an online slot than you can afford to lose. And it is always a good idea to set limits before you start to bet. Both for wins and losses. This helps you to stay in control.

We’ve covered four of the main groups on online gambling sites now – roulette, blackjack, slots and poker. But there are a lot of other options out there too. Test as many as you like to see how they play and see what you like.